Jesus weeps at the Pope


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I can personally bear witness that poverty is a lot more fun when there’s company and the Pope is making it cool. Especially when he’s pointing out how rigged the game has become. Last week the Pontiff drew praise from all corners when he further noted just a few of the many grotesque inequalities between the growing have-nots and the tiny 0.1% of the have-more-and-mores. The World Nut Daily didn’t like that shit one bit, it could upset their entire scam, so they’ve come roaring back with one of the golden oldies of class-war imperialism: the Pope is making baby Jesus cry!

RW Watch — Francis argues for dependence upon government to redistribute wealth. And con artists in the U.S. are seizing on the opportunity to spread the misery of socialism. Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin this week called Pope Francis on his mangling of economics. Then author Reza Aslan struck back in the Washington Post, claiming that Jesus was a socialist….

Worst of all, this controversy encourages misery, poverty and the destruction of human lives. Jesus Christ is weeping in heaven hearing Christians espouse a socialist philosophy that has created suffering and poverty around the world. It is impossible to love one’s neighbor as yourself without fighting against socialism, meaning government meddling in private lives.

Yeah, people like me who’ve been filtered into a no win middle-age scenario of grinding poverty, who cannot seem to get out of it regardless of education or passion or worth ethic, will surely prevail in the end, if only we as a nation do lots and lots more of that unfettered unregulated capitalist crap that caused our plight in the first place … Face it fundies; Jesus was a socialist hippie and wanted you to give your money away to help the poor and heal the sick. Either that or I’m one of the world’s worst con artists as I sit here counting pennies to see how far I can spread the good word of non-belief this month.

What’s also interesting, where are the usual US Catholic-police that rise up and throw a fit whenever their religion is mentioned in an unflattering light? Where pray tell, is Bill Donahue when you actually want him to weigh in? Come on Bill, you know you want to say something