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At long last Mr Cruz?


I have to hope Cruz — with sidekick Palin — has reached his McCarthyist apogee with this one. Actually accusing his political opponents of using vets as props, while whining about a monument shutdown that he orchestrated for his personal political profit, using vets as props. Now, the vets themselves are complaining about being used as props.

PoliticusUSA — According to a message on their website, the problem began when a local DC organizer turned the march into a tea party rally, “The political agenda put forth by a local organizer in Washington DC was not in alignment with our message. We feel disheartened that some would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain. The core principle is about all Americans honoring Veterans in a peaceful and apolitical manner.” In a post on their Facebook page, organizers went into more detail …

At long last Mr Cruz, have you no decency sir? None at all?


  1. left0ver1under says

    At long last Mr Cruz, have you no decency sir? None at all?

    That statement presumes he had a sense of decency at some point. I somehow doubt it.

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