Millionaire teabaggers take not so bold stand against health insurance


If your net worth is somewhere between a couple of million and fifty mill, going without employer group health insurance rates isn’t exactly the risk of a lifetime. But for the average worker and their family, it could be a fatal career move. So you know exactly what two millionaire teabagger clowns in the House want everyone to do:

Blue Ridge Times — According to the Hendersonville Times News, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who is leading the conservative effort in the House to oppose legislation to fund the government unless it includes a rider zeroing out money for Obamacare, told constituents that he and his staff would decline federal subsidies to purchase insurance on the exchanges, which open for enrollment in October.

He joins his buddy from the same hijacked state: — Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) will voluntarily withdraw from the Congressional Health Plan, declining the special federal subsidy President Obama is offering Members of Congress to help pay for their health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges. Starting in January, Congressman Pittenger will join the millions of Americans who must purchase health insurance without the aid of federal tax dollars.

Here’s how it will affect these two bozos:

Meadows, according to, had a net worth in 2011 somewhere between $1,674,034 and $12,017,998. And Pittenger’s is between $18,615,005 and $48,551,997. Obviously this is a huge sacrifice on their part. Nice of Meadows to commit his staff to that political statement, too.

They probably own stakes in business that could give them both the best health insurances rates they could want. But even if they didn’t, buying a private Cadillac policy for a couple of grand a month would hardly affect them one iota. These two jokers could probably write a personal check for a heart transplant if they had to. IOW, it’s not exactly a bold and courageous stand … for them.

The strategist in me shouts out, by all means, run on this guys. Take it home, baby, run Forest, run. Encourage all of your voters to go without health insurance to show how they stand with you in solidarity against those who have or want regular, reliable medical care for themselves and their children. While you’re at it, buy a ticket for the entire GOP and a big chunk of the grassroots base on the whites only section of HMS Titanic.

But the human in me doesn’t want to see a bunch of innocent, middle-class and poor people get tricked into suffering and in some cases, even dying from preventable illness or treatable injuries, out of misguided fealty to a tiny slice of the super rich.Because those rich guys don’t give a shit about the rest of us.

And because Elysium!