Report on young Republicans drawing much angst

Another report, this time on the view of young Republicans (Full report), another round of hilarious conundrums faced by the GOP:

TMP — Uncommitted young voters may not be enamored with the Democratic Party but they have a terrible opinion of the GOP.

“In the focus group research conducted in January 2013,” the report said, “the young ‘winnable’ Obama voters were asked to say what words came to mind when they heard ‘Republican Party.’ The responses were brutal: closed-minded, racist, rigid, old-fashioned.”

‘Couldn’t Care Less’

“We’ve become the party that will pat you on your back when you make it, but won’t offer a hand to help you get there. This has to change in order to have a shot with young voters.” The GOP’s focus on low taxes and pro-business policies has left young voters thinking “they will only reap the benefits of Republican policies if they become wealthy or rise to the top of a big business.” The GOP is at risk of being seen as the “fend for yourself” party.

Latino voters in particular “tend to think the GOP couldn’t care less about them,” the report said.

I’ve learned not to count these clowns out. No matter how absurd their positions or how hot the internecine warfare, they have a robust system powered by cold hard cash to keep the lights on and the press releases humming. But they are in a real bad position.

To make substantial change, the kind of changes encouraged by the young Republicans report, the GOP has to figure out which of their groups to throw under the bus. To review, there have been three traditional legs holding up the conservative stool: business who want lower taxes, lower labor costs, and less regulation, the religious right who want to tell everyone else what to do, especially on things like marriage and birth control, and defense, who love them some expensive bloody wars, cold war is good, a nice bite sized hot one in the middle east better still. A few years ago a newer group emerged from the shadows; the xenophobes, in the form of the various Tea-party’s. Xenophobes are made up of a loose intersection of neo-confederates, nationalists, and misogynists whose most uniform defining and useful characteristic is they hate the fictional caricature of Obama and gleefully spread that venom into the political corpus as far and wide as possible.

Who gets thrown under the bus? Answer: I don’t know. Because it seems like the modern GOP needs all these guys to win complete power, and ironically each of them are responsible in their own way for the present plight of the Grand Old Party. Any effort is hampered again and again by what has been a source of strength in the past. Especially what cost them the last election, i.e., the GOP has perfected the art of generating the wrong answer if its the answer the paying customer wants to hear.

So far, they can’t even agree on how they change, in the words of Eric Cantor, they don’t need to change the pizza, only the box. My guess is that’s wishful thinking, an example of the wrong answer mentality. If they have to reject one of three of dough, cheese, or tomato sauce, what would be left to call a pizza?