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Feb 14 2013

That makes me a sad panda


  Freedomworks reportedly borrowed a chapter from an old book, the Bible Genesis about 17 thru 19 I guess, and created a modern day caricature to smear Clinton in the worst way they could think of doing:

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Feb 12 2013

Name that dwarf planet moonlet!


  The debate about Pluto’s planetary status has simmered down, although I was always partial to the way Alan Stern, the Director of New Horizons mission to Pluto, explained it to me: it’s just a dwarf planet. We don’t call a small dog a different species just because they’re small, we just call it a miniature, …

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Feb 11 2013

Surprising move by Pope

In a move the surprised many Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI announced his eminent resignation, Feb 28, 2013, just eight years after first donning the Golden Hat of Xenu:

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Feb 10 2013

New poll on climate offers hope

A new poll on climate change and Americans’ opinions on it has rebounded sharply for the better. A large majority now accept the climate is or probably is changing and that it’s due in part to human activity:

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Feb 09 2013

For my missing friend

I mentioned a good friend of mine died last week from sudden cardiac arrest. His funeral is today and I probably won’t feel much like blogging. His best friend and I were given the honor of writing the service program obit, what mourners will read at the funeral. We were tasked by the director to …

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Feb 08 2013

Only God and earthworms can change the earth’s climate

I spoke this about this briefly on Kagro in the Morning yesterday, but it wasn’t clear how it worked. Now we know. Oh, and climate change skeptics rejoice! We’re off the hook! New research indicates it’s been the earthworms all this time!

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Feb 07 2013

Updated: Comet ISON orbit and viewing possibilities


Comet ISON will pass within 40 million mile of earth on Christmas of this year and be in decent position for viewing by eye or small scope throughout the fall of 2013. Predicting the brightness of a comet is real dicey, it depends on what the comet is made of and how many times it has been close …

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Feb 07 2013

I’ll be on the air shortly

Technology notwithstanding, I’ll be on the air at Daily Kos radio with Kagro in the Morning and guest Dr Greg Dworkin. This show streams live and it can be downloaded for podcast. If you want to listen live, my scheduled time is 9:15 -  10 AM Eastern, and I have a lot to cover. The link …

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Feb 06 2013

I have reached and surpassed my goal, many, many thanks!

Thank you all from the bottom of my healing heart. I have reached what I need and even have a little cushion. All told FtB readers generously pitched in several hundred dollars, easily covering the shortfall caused by the inevitable delay of a badly needed short term disability check and then some. That check didn’t …

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Feb 05 2013

Yesterday I was near desperate, today I’m saved


UPDATE: Guys and Gals, I’m fighting off tears in my eyes as I write this, Just over a hundred bucks more now, and even if we don’t get it, the donations so far are enough that I’m basically saved the humiliation and risk that had me so freaked out. I’m going to leave this up …

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