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Technophiles, check out this new toy!

The annual bleg

Check out this sweet little HANNSpad 7″ tablet, powered by Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich complete with wifi. The best part, I got two of ‘em basically for the price of one! Which would never have happened if not for generous response to my annual bleg. All I need to know now is how in the hell to configure it …

This is the last day I’ll ask for handouts, at least until next year and hopefully forever. If you already gave a few bucks or are considering it, thank you, those contributions really touched me at a time when I was feeling sorry for myself and really needed it. And now? .:Happy Dance:.

Thanks again, have great Christmas and happy New Year!


  1. Aliasalpha says

    I can’t be 100% certain but I think there’s a version of Ubuntu available for that tablet

  2. says

    From a fairly experienced Android user:

    Internet – Dolphin Browser

    Ereader – FBReader

    Comics (and PDFs) – Perfect Viewer

    Office Suite – Kingsoft Office

    Antivirus – AvastMobile

    System – ES File Explorer

    Photos – QuickPic

    All that is free, as in totally free and not a trial version or some crap like that. Dropbox or Google Drive for syncing files with your PC. There are so many things that you can use to make a tablet whatever you want it to be, trial and error is your friend.

  3. wilsim says

    Can’t install Ubuntu on that tablet, Ubuntu Unity requires a dual core or better, and 1GB of ram, to install on a tablet.

    You can get it rooted, and android 4.1 installed via a custom ROM like cyanogenmod.

    My friend has one of those tablets, and the touch response in the basic OS was terrible, I rooted it for him and installed cyanogenmod 10.1 for him it turned into quite the nice tablet.

  4. comfychair says

    Vote #2 for FBReader (make sure to set it to ‘night mode’ – white text on black background). And Calibre on teh PC, to manage/edit/ltransfer ebooks.

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