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Tax breaks for the Romney’s dancing horse

I wish that header were a joke, but it’s not. I can’t deduct the cost of a cheap tire to replace the bald menace I drove on for a month to my dead-end $11.00 an hour job, but the Romney’s enjoyed a $75,000 plus tax break for their freaking dancing horse:

WaPo– Rafalca, a 15-year-old mare competing in dressage at the Olympics opening today in London, will be trying to add to the U.S. medal count and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s bottom line.Romney’s wife, Ann, who calls horses her “passion in life,” has an investment in them, including Rafalca, valued at as much as $500,000.

The couple’s tax returns classify Ann Romney’s pastime as a business that lost $77,731 in 2010, rather than a hobby, and as a passive investment instead of one they actively manage. Each of those decisions has tax consequences.

Aww shucks Ann, I didn’t realize it was your passion in life. That changes everything. Obviously we middle class tax payers should subsidize your half a million dollar dancing horse hobby and be thankful for the privilege.

This is exactly the President and First Lady we need in the White House to inspire us to man up, tighten our belt, work harder and longer, fork over big a chunk of the Social Security and Medicare we paid into for fifty-years, and when necessary do without all those luxuries we pampered masses have grown used to. Yeah, Ann and Mitt together storming the nation on the 2013 Austerity Tour, that would be about fucking perfect.


  1. jakc says

    In fairness, given that the Romneys are only paying 15 percent on federal income, the savings is a lot less. Of course, that makes it worse. No tax savings is too small. Regardless of whether the business meets all the IRS tests to be a real business (and I’m sure it does), are we really supposed to believe that Ann was sitting around and then one day said “Honey, I know how we can bring in that extra money we need!” I bet Mitt demands a receipt if he leaves a penny in the leave a penny tray.

  2. Tâlib Alttaawiil (طالب التاويل) says

    “Ann and Mitt together storming the nation on the 2013 Austerity Tour”

    traveling the country on horseback…

  3. wholething says

    I bet Mitt demands a receipt if he leaves a penny in the leave a penny tray.

    Not sure Rmoney would leave the pennies that were already in the tray.

  4. sbuczkowski says

    But, you see, it’s not a ‘dancing’ horse. It’s a ‘dressage’ horse. Makes quite a difference, really.

    Ok, maybe not for the tax issue…..

  5. busterggi says

    Anyone else out there remember how four years ago the Republicans vilified Obama as an ELITE?

    I haven’t heard them say anything like this about Romney.

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