Jul 24 2012

Millennial Atheists by Tom Tomorrow

My talented colleague, Tom Tomorrow, delves into the FTB world for today’s political cartoon.


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  1. 1
    Pierce R. Butler

    Uh, are “Bors” and “Tom Tomorrow” really the same artist?

  2. 2
    Neil Rickert

    Click on the cartoon, then read the comments below it at DailyKos.

  3. 3
    Pierce R. Butler

    Neil Rickert @ # 2 – there are presently 109 comments at that link, none of which (according to my browser’s “Find” option) contain any of the logical keywords (tomorrow, modern life, perkins, salon…) associated with what I want, plus a couple with words (cartoon, http…) that might pertain but don’t, and few of which say anything interesting.

    Got another clue for a dumb country boy?

  4. 4

    short answer, no they’re not

    interview with the two of them

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