Prayer credited for saving flesh-eating bacteria victim

Aimee Copeland fought for her life against a gruesome infection and may have prevailed. Naturally, her father credits prayer:

MSNBC– Andy believes that the well-wishes and prayers of Americans have somehow helped his daughter recover.

“I don’t believe she’d be where she is today without the prayer, love, and support of millions of people across this country,” Andy told TODAY. “We’ve seen a miracle performed right before our very eyes.” Her father has chronicled her recovery in a blog,

Doctors have been surprised at how well Aimee has recovered. Andy told TODAY that his daughter might even come home as early as next week.

This kind of thing is so embedded in our culture it’s hard to know if her father is just mouthing platitudes, or really does not understand his daughter cheated death because modern medical technology fought the ancient force of natural selection, just like it does countless times every day all over the world.

He may not know where Aimee would be without prayers, but we all know where she’d be without everything medical science could throw at this infection. Without 49 days of intensive care, and the health insurance that presumably paid for it, Aimee Copeland wouldn’t have lasted a week.