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Apr 11 2014



Her sultry eyes Pierce at hearts Tempting full lips A promise to sip Graceful neck In beads deck High breasts glistening Svelte waist slithering Long Legs gliding Sensual beads jiggling The jungle rumbles Scavengers scramble Eager to stake a claim With a stamp of chain Young, innocent and ripe She takes her place of pride …

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Feb 14 2014



If only my heart didn’t beat At the promise of your heat Eagerly awaiting the touch That leads to the brunch   If only it wasn’t just a few days That happened to be the best lays With a promise of unknown tomorrows While the goodbye herald the sorrows   If only we didn’t feel …

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Dec 07 2013

The Dictators Are Not Only Those


The Dictators Are Not Only Those…A poem dedicated to a dear friend COMRADE OLAITAN OYERINDE. He was assassinated on May 4, 2012 at about 2am at his residence in the Government Reservation Area, Benin, Nigeria. At the time of his death, he was the private secretary of the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. …

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Nov 28 2013

No Longer A Friend!


Once upon a time In another clime I could call you a friend Together we chart the trends We built castles with stars In laughter and in tears Pain and pleasure we shared Two but as one we paired Because you were my friend But now you are a fiend!   What happened to our …

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Oct 20 2013


44929_158266670873963_121692274531403_336908_3464740_n Resized

Tears, Tears, Tears Wash away my fears Cleanse my heart For a fresh start   Rain, Rain, Rain Drain away my pain

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Oct 07 2013



They say it is culture I say it is torture Born a woman, a reason to be oppressed It is culture, a woman must be suppressed I must never be too forward They will only drag me backward As a woman I must learn to be submissive For a man has the power to be …

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Aug 03 2013



Brown skin, taut hair It stands erect in its glory Strong and firm Glistening, it beckons Its beauty invigorating Its touch intoxicating In my bare hands it nestled I took it close to my heart It feels so good, so alive It tells of tales of pleasures

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Jul 31 2013

My Mysterious Lover!


Like the sunflower opens to the sun I cling to you yearning for my fun Opening to you my honey to suckle My knees under the pressure buckles In your eyes I see the twinkle Your smile gives me the tickles As you take my hands in a tango I know it is now time …

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Jul 09 2013

Because I Am A Girl


Trembling she holds her tummy Knowing this fourth baby coming Will be her making or breaking She moans, her world hanging Groaning she strains Not just from labour pains With one more push, I came panting With just a look, she screamed fainting A reprieve from the moment of truth Husband in-laws with new wife …

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Jul 09 2013

The Living Dead


Forlorn faces Painful traces Shows the strain Of years of pain Etched in wrinkles Body shriveled Eyes blankly dead Toiling for seeds Take a seat For Life is a beat   Youthful joy of living Pleasure of feeling Playground pain Forgotten in the strain Slaving in the bustle Of a city life hustle Rushing to …

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Jun 20 2013

I Am Reaching, Reaching For The Stars

take flight

I am reaching, reaching for the stars Though I bear the brunt of the scars I spread my wings for a flying spree This cage I will break to set me free Although the sky looks scary and vast I will explore with bravery and a blast So long my wings were clipped Now I …

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Jun 18 2013


This land of corrupt politicians Rubbing bellies of stolen funds Looting without a care Killing with no remorse Stoning gays, jailing Trans This land full of Hate Poverty and Ignorance

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Jun 10 2013

Chin Up And Weather The Storm!

Chin up Lion!

You think you have it rough Could it be as tough as the dough? Beaten up and cuts into bits Tossed into the oven heat Yet comes out crispy and hot Ready for the icing on top With the paste we all have a favourite place Cakes put a smile on many a bride’s face …

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Jun 07 2013


tender love

I don’t walk straight Not even for the bait I am merry yet not gay I am bi and I can bay But greed Is not my seal Yet you all snigger Calling me a player Our goal is acceptance Where is the tolerance?   I am not gay enough To be wholly enfolded

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May 21 2013



I am a woman and I am weeping The tears won’t stop seeping Like a river it keeps flowing At my heart it tugs, nipping My eyes are bleeding My nose keeps running They say I should slow it But all they do is blow it Teardrops just like crystals Not mine alone but all …

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