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May 16 2013



Hello everyone, I didn’t think I would need to put up an extensive comment policy so soon, but this is so needed right now. Yes, I am happy that my blog is getting a lot of attention and some posts are generating a lot of comments but I am certainly not happy when the comments …

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May 14 2013



I am angry, not just angry but very, very angry. I am indignant, not just for myself but on behalf of many sisters especially the voiceless sisters! If you are not angry after watching the infamous video of Bishop Oyedepo slapping a young girl to the thunderous applause of his church members, you are also …

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May 12 2013

I am a Single Mother

In our patriarchal and pseudo-conservative societies, single mothers are often victims of moral judgments and societal pressures. We all must learn to respect the choice of the other and not seek to impose our lifestyle choice and doctrines on another, for only then can we truly be free! This delightful poem is for all single …

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May 12 2013

It is not called labour for nothing!

feline mum

This poem is dedicated to all mothers, who fresh from birthing say “Never again”, only to do it again! Written in a funny tone, it encapsulates the pain, frustration and joy of having a baby. Happy Mothers’ Day! It is not called labour for nothing! Ouch, what is that kick That makes me sick Breaking …

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May 11 2013

Mother Nature, My Explosive Lover!


Hello, I did promise that one great advantage of checking out my blog is that you get to read some of my beautiful poems for free.  Here is a poem I wrote when I picked up a newspaper on the tube in 2011, and was hit by the horrifying news and devastating pictures of the …

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May 10 2013

Is the Atheist+ label really confusing?


Would people object to an atheist group showing up at Pride with a banner “Atheist for LGBT rights”? Would this confuse onlookers and make them assume that all atheists are for LGBT rights? I was at the 2012 World Pride in London and right behind my group, Nigerian LGBTIs in diaspora, was another group with …

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May 09 2013

What are Anti-Atheists+ afraid of?

031 ftb resized

I do not know what the hullabaloo is about Atheism+, why all the hate and tantrums? I understand that people fear change, people with power fear anything that would or could threaten their power base, and because atheists are people, they are not exempted from this fear of change.  People who enjoy power hardly want …

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May 09 2013

Debunking the myths: Is majority support of ‘Anti Same-Sex Marriage’ bill a democratic license to discriminate against sexual minorities?

021 resized

“Minority can have their say but majority will have their way” is the new anthem of majority homophobic members of the supposedly enlightened Nigerian community on the issue of the draconian ‘Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition)’ bill. The mere thought that some supposedly enlightened people still think a majority has the right to have its way at …

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May 07 2013

Debunking the myths: Is decriminalizing Homosexuality a slippery slope towards endorsing Pedophilia, Rape and Bestiality?

188452_208137445878987_122256581133741_806700_345525_n resized

It seems no debate on human rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals is complete without the inevitable snide remark, “If human rights of homosexuals are recognized, rapists, pedophiles and people who sleep with animals will start claiming human rights violations too”.  Why do homophobes always feel the need to mention sex with animals when …

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May 05 2013

Debunking the myths: Is Homosexuality, Bisexuality or Transsexualism Un-African or Unnatural?

199435_209011482458250_122256581133741_812221_5704429_n cropped

Homosexuality has existed from time immemorial, as far back as when same-sex persons ever came in contact. Africa is said to be the cradle of human race, it therefore can be logically inferred that homosexuality started in Africa, before human race started migrating to other places to spread its branches in different colours, shapes and …

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May 04 2013

Why Am I An Atheist?


The million dollar question! I really get peeved when asked this question especially when it comes with that disbelieving look and exclamation. “You mean you really don’t believe there is a God?” This is sometimes followed by the incredulous “You insane or something? And not forgetting that very annoying question “What happened to make you …

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May 02 2013

Welcome To My World!


Hello everyone, my name is Yemisi Ilesanmi and I am elated to be invited to join the Freethought blogs. My blog name is YEMMYnisting, the YEMMY is a ‘westernised’ short form of my name and nisting could mean ‘gisting’ or ruminating but I doubt if it means listening, but I do try.    Why I …

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