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Oct 11 2013

Abstract art


Abstract art but they are Images of Earth from space. Iranian salt desert Take earth for your own large room and the floor of the earth carpeted with sunlight and hung round with silver wind for your dancing place Mississippi River Delta the earth is a living thing is a black shambling bear ruffling its …

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Dec 13 2012

Wonders of the Universe!

Scientists say: Asteroid Toutatis will not hit Earth. The 4 3-km long asteroid circles the sun in an orbit that is very closely aligned with Earth’s, making it a potentially hazardous object for the future. The asteroid will pass about 7 million km from Earth, about 18 times farther away than the moon. A large …

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Sep 05 2012

Scary, but not really scary!

A half a million miles long ‘solar whip’ is on the surface of the sun. The radiation from the eruption will create a geomagnetic storm. It will hit earth today. We are the audience. We watch big games. No, we do not play with fire.