An Indian girl was forced to marry a dog


An Indian girl was forced by a superstitious society to marry a dog.

I am not surprised. To get rid of evil spirit women often are forced to marry trees or animals. Genius has its limits, but stupidity has no limits.

In a deeply misogynistic society, probably it is better for women to marry dogs. It is better because dogs won’t abuse them or kill them. Dogs are definitely much more faithful than men.

Sometimes I just don’t understand things.

ISRO. Indian space research organization. They have a facebook page for their next Mars Orbiter Mission. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C25) rocket carrying the Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft will blast off on November 5.
I am so proud of India for having this mission but I get shocked when I learn that the ISRO chairman Dr. K. Radhakrishnan has been offering prayers at the temples before the launch. I also learned that people at the space center would perform coconut breaking and other religious rituals just before the launch. Believe it or not, ‘traditions and beliefs trump science and technology in India, even when it concerns launching a rocket into space.’

Isro chairman prayed for smooth satellite launch at the famous hill temple of Lord Venkateswara. He also prayed for the launch of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C21) from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.


Science is against religion and superstitions. Religion and superstitions are against science. There is no doubt about it. But I do not know how it is possible for people like Dr. K. Radhakrishnan to believe in religion, superstitions and science at the same time.

Fight Superstitions

How do you want to fight superstitions? Do you want to abuse superstitious people? You want to beat them up? Shout at them? Sue them?
Do you want to use philosophy, history, literature to fight superstitions?

Most likely nothing would work.

Promote scientific outlook and rational thinking. Popularize science.

It might work.

Don’t die dear doomsday dudes!

NASA is now educating the shitheads who believe the world will end on December 21, 2012. It looks like a canon is hired to kill a little mosquito. NASA should remain busy with our vast universe. Sane people have been working hard to make the shitheads understand that the world will not end in 2012 and they should better believe in science, rather than superstitions. If the shitheads haven’t got it yet, I am afraid they will not get it even if NASA begs them to get it.
Will the doomsday believers commit mass suicide around December 21? It will be painful to witness such a tragedy. Stupidity does not always kill but sometimes it really kills.