Tunisia dancing

It is so good to see people dancing in Tunisia. They are happy dancing to happy song.

Young people across Tunisia are tapping into an online trend, posting videos of themselves dancing to the Pharrell Williams song Happy as a defiant reaction against the tense conditions in the country.

The clips, which have attracted tens of thousands of views on YouTube, have been criticised as “debauchery and moral decay” by conservative religious groups who disapprove of young Tunisians dancing to an American pop song.

Who cares!

I am so happy to see happy people! I am happy because these happy dancing people are living in Muslim country. All Muslim countries are not Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Young people living in Muslim countries should learn from Tunisian girls and boys to dance. Islamists would always say no to songs, no to dances. But don’t listen to them. Say big NO to Islamists and misogynists. And be happy.

No More Pope!

I hoped for no more pope.

Now Femen activists are also saying, no more pope. They are saying it by ringing the holly bells of the holly Notre Dame of Paris while being naked.

They were in Vatican to shut the homophobe pope up.

Femen activists are definitely fighting for the right cause. Femen should not be limited to Europe only. Women in Asia, Africa, and America should join Femen and protest against every bad things.