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Aug 04 2013

Punished for love


Hate is alright. Assault is almost alright. Rape is not so alright in some cases, but alright in many cases. Killing is alright in many cases too. For example, the state can kill in the name of capital punishment, you can kill people as much as you want during the war, you can kill a …

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Jul 02 2013

What about teh menz


Yes, you are right. You have heard exactly what Menz say. For ‘some’ guys? Come on! Women and children are raped everyday not by men, but by Aliens from other planets. Right? Here I would say ‘men’ instead of ‘white men’. I love cartoons. Don’t you, also? Why don’t you share some hilarious cartoons about …

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Jun 09 2013

Mass Virginity Test


350 women were put through virginity test during a mass marriage programme organised by the Madhya Pradesh government in India. It is not the first time. The same state forced women to have virginity tests during a mass marriage ceremony in 2009. Girja Vyas, the head of national commission of women then said, “Such a …

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Apr 20 2013

No other species can do it. Only human can.

No other species would rape their babies and insert bottles into the genitals of their babies. A 200 ml bottle and a few pieces of candles were inserted into a 5-year-old girl’s genitals and she was repeatedly raped by a thirty plus man who kidnapped her and locked her in his house for two days. …

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Apr 18 2013

Finally, men are treated as sexual objects in a land of misogyny!

Three men were ejected from Saudi festival and were deported for ‘being too handsome’. An annual culture festival in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh was interrupted when three men from the United Arab Emirates stand were ejected for being too handsome. “A festival official said the three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds …

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Jan 20 2013

Religious fundamentalists disagree with each other on everything but agree on one thing!

Male-female equality is against nature, says Sunni scholar. A Hindu fundamentalist says, ‘male-female equality is against nature’. A Muslim fundamentalist agrees with the Hindu fundamentalist, says, ‘yes,you are right, male-female equality is against nature.’ If you ask a Christian fundamentalist, he will say the same thing, ‘male-female equality is against nature’. Ask a Jewish fundamentalist …

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Jan 13 2013

Women are not allowed to……………

They are not allowed to use mobile phones, because they are women.

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Jan 13 2013

Why not gender neutral clothes?


Dressed in colourful skirts, a group of men pledging support to women and their rights in India today.

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Jan 08 2013

The Gods are anti-women, so are the Godmen!

There are thousands of godmen in India. They fool people using their little magic tricks. They walk across hot coals, burp out gold eggs, make ash out of thin air, turn water into blood etc. These charlatans are called ‘baba’. Baba business flourishes in India because a large number of people are ignorant and idiot. …

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Jan 05 2013

Are men more or less the same everywhere?

Steubenville High School football players kidnapped, raped and urinated on a 16-year-old girl. But instead of blaming the rapists, former students blamed the victim. They were laughing as they were talking about her. Men love rape jokes. They verbally rape the girls who are already raped. We haven’t finished protesting against brutal gang rape in …

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