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Sep 26 2013

It is so fucking funny!

Pakistan bans science text book on pretext of it provoking ‘sexual desire’. The government of Pakistan’s Punjab province has banned a science book for Grade VI students of a chain of elite schools for containing material that could provoke “sexual desire”. The text book used by the Lahore Grammar School was banned after authorities received …

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Mar 14 2013

Electing the Pope


Let’s learn about Holly Roman Farce from Rosa Rubicondior.

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Dec 02 2012

Fish called Obama

Etheostoma obama, a new species described by Mayden and Layman

Etheostoma obama A new species of colourful fresh water fish has been named after President Barack Obama by the researchers who discovered it. Obama is lucky. Got Nobel peace prize. Won a second term. A whole species is named after him. He should do some work now to make him worthy for all those honours …

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