Are we for each other?

Thousands of people are floating on the sea. Water is accepting them but not the land. In fact, there is no objection from the land but the land animals are objecting. Though, the other animals have no objection. The objection is only from the animals called human. Those who are floating towards nowhere in the sea, are also human being.
People are suffering from hunger, thirst. But no country would take them or give them shelter. Bangladesh won’t accept Bangladeshis. Myanmar won’t take back the Myanmar people. They wanted to go to Malaysia. Malaysia said that they won’t accept them. Indonesia said they would not take them, Thailand said the same. No one wants to accept them, because they are poor. In simple terms poor people are outcaste, uncalled for. They have no one, they have nothing. The only thing they have is misery. If rich people were floating instead! Would anyone have stopped them from anchoring their boats in any shore? I don’t think so. Everyone would have welcomed and accepted them in no time.
Human traffickers have illegally floated their boats on the sea. Being trafficked through the waterway, they call it ‘Columbus Visa’ and being trafficked through the woodland is ‘Tarzan Visa’. Even their worst enemies won’t say that the traffickers don’t have any sense of humor. How much do the traffickers charge per head? Ten thousand rupees! Most people sell their homestead or even the last thing to pay those traffickers. They pay not only to the traffickers, after reaching the destination they pay rupees twenty five thousand per head to the owner of the bigger trawlers. People take the decision of leaving their motherland to the other land just to change their destiny a bit. Muslims would go to the Muslim countries. Haven’t they expected a lot for this to happen! Indonesia government ordered, No fisherman should rescue those people to the shore even if they see them downing in the sea. I’ve heard a lot about the slogans of Muslim brotherhood. In Saudi Arabia, In the name of verdict poor Muslims of Bangladesh are sentenced to death by cutting off their throat in one strike. But actually Muslims are leading far better life in non-Muslim countries. In Europe, the United States, Canada. The poor can’t afford to reach that far. That’s why they tend to reach in the neighboring countries. But here again, they have to float with uncertainty. Many have gone to water grave. When the Muslim countries are shooing the Muslims in full trawlers, then a Christian country named Philippines assured them for shelter.
Aung San Suu Kyi got the great Nobel prize in peace! What is she doing in Myanmar! Why there is no message of peace from her for the Rohingya Muslims? She is silent too in the greed of power. Such activities of these great leaders make me really upset.
Bangladesh government doesn’t feel any urgency to stop human trafficking. Human trafficking is extreme through the areas of Teknaph, Ukhiya, Maheshkhali; I’ve heard the Policemen of these areas, take bribe from the traffickers. Bangladesh Government is not going for any bilateral talk with Myanmar to stop human trafficking. Bangladesh Government doesn’t have boats to patrol the sea. People are being trafficked through eighty points of Teknaph and Kocks Market. The security is not enough in these eighty points. The traffickers use small trawlers to traffic people from Bangladesh to Myanmar and then they start their journey towards Thailand or Malaysia using bigger trawlers. Those trawlers move only at night and wait during day time, covered with a blue fishing net the trawlers merge with the color of the sea. So that no one can fathom out any people carrying trawler is floating on the sea. Taking huge risk of their lives they travel on the sea just to survive on nominal food and cloth. I feel my goose bumps when I think. The traffickers say, if you go to Malaysia you might be taken in prison as illegal intruders. However, there will be plenty of good food for them in prison. Malaysian prison is better than motherland. No job, no food, no cloth in the motherland. At least they would be able to get food two times in foreign prisons. At night, with a dream of food for two times a day, enchanting ‘Bismillah’ the poor people gingerly board the unfamiliar trawlers floating in the waves of unfamiliar surging sea. There is no freedom in the prison but to most of the people there is no bigger freedom than the freedom of food for two times. Keep in the prison but they would provide food, they would provide cloths.
I shiver when I see such horrible face of the poverty.
Good minded people want Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand to go for an agreement to prevent human trafficking. I don’t want to call this ‘Human Trafficking’ as human trafficking. Migration from one place to another is one of the major survival strategies of the human beings, this is the strategy that our early men and women had adopted and that’s why we the Homo sapiens survived. The Neanderthal species of human race had become extinct for not adopting this strategy. Where there is good food, where the environment and living is good, the tendency of going there is in our blood. This tendency is not only in our blood but also in all other animals. Those who can go, can survive, those who do not, they die. More we can cope with different environments more our species can survive. This is how the evolution has been going on over the billions of years. We want to prevent natural inclinations of human beings by our misrule. This is our fault.
Wanting to go and stay wherever one wish to, is one of the human rights. Binding human with chain one cannot speak in favor of human rights. Let the agreement between Bangladesh and it’s neighboring countries be like any one from any country can enter and live in any country. Let the system of Passport and visa be abolished. No trace of hatred, disbelief, uncertainty, fear should remain among the mankind. Let the love, respect, sympathy, to flourish for each other.

Translated from original Bengali by Avijit Das @66OV99

Nature’s fury exposes man’s folly

We humans have always been helpless in the face of natural calamities. When the ground begins to tremble, it engulfs thousands of people. When the ocean fumes, it turns into a deathbed for millions. We may tend to act like supreme beings, but the truth is that we are hopelessly frail and defenceless in front of nature.

We have obviously made matters worse over the years by exploiting every aspect of nature to suit our purpose. Forests have given way to highways and commercial establishments, which have slowly and efficiently encroached upon the earth’s natural resources in the name of development.

The earthquake in Nepal is a stark reminder of what nature is capable of. We are no soothsayers to predict what is yet to come, but if history is any pointer every race that has considered itself superior to others has perished over time. What guarantee is there that, in the future, the human race would not become but only a distant memory of a long gone era?

We are capable of love like all other species. What differentiates us from the other species is that we tend to pretend that we love rather than loving in right earnest. Love and compassion are traits that are essential for the evolution of any race. It is not only for the good of any particular community but for a higher harmony that fosters mutual co-existence of all species.

I sometimes wonder if our supremacy is based on the fact that we create weapons of mass destruction that we use against each other. It is a natural calamity that brings us to our senses, breaking the myths that we have constructed. It is also in crisis that we get to see that the human race is capable of compassion.

From every strata of society, help arrives to rescue those in need. It is ironical that a tragedy brings more people together than a happy occasion. If the rich and powerful came to the aid of the poor and the weak on a regular basis, we probably wouldn’t be witnessing such a big divide in the world today.

Even in this time of grave tragedy several issues have managed to evoke mixed feelings. India has played a pivotal role in helping Nepal along with several other neighbouring countries. Pakistan supposedly sent cow meat in its relief package.

Cow meat, in my personal opinion, is the tastiest of all meat. The problem that arose with it was that Nepal has a majority of Hindu inhabitants and although they are comfortable with killing hundreds of buffalos during their own rituals it offends their conscience to eat cow meat. The reason is that the cow is apparently a manifestation of God in Nepal as much as it is in India.

If there is such a hullabaloo over the entire scenario, why is there a dearth of care for the supposed gods? It doesn’t hurt to drink the urine of cows, but even in the heart of the Indian capital, the divine bovine roams around with an empty stomach. It is illogical to believe that a person should abstain from eating animal meat because he is an advocate of animal rights.

I had once cooked cow meat in my Kolkata house. One of my Hindu friends had expressed the desire to have it. Sujata, who was my household maid, was unaware that the meat was actually from a cow. She was under the impression that it was the usual affair.

I am more than certain if we were to tell her the truth, she probably would have left regardless of the fact that she would not land such a lucrative job anytime soon. May be, that is the chief reason why I chose not to divulge it to her. It doesn’t mean that I duped her into having it; the entire procedure was carried on separately. I could have done it banking on her naivety. Then again, lies and deceit have never been my strong suit.

On the same lines, if any of my Muslim relatives or friends are in the vicinity. I tend to maintain a certain distance when consuming pig meat and I do not insist that they should share my meal. I wonder what it would have been like if Bangladesh was recoiling from an earthquake and a country decided that it would send truckloads of pig meat as aid. One should understand that I do not maintain a distance because of religion but out of respect towards the personal choice of an individual.

It is not possible that the choice to send aid to Nepal was a single-handed decision. It was probably a collective dcision. Was it not known to them that Nepal had a majority of Hindu inhabitants and cow meat was probably not the best choice to send as aid? Or was it sheer apathy that resulted in such a fiasco. This leads one to question if it was an intended move rather than a simple mistake.

If one remembers the story of how the fox invited the stork for lunch but served food on a flat utensil and the stork, to settle scores, invited him back and chose a long-funnelled receptacle to serve the food. In both cases, the invited went home hungry. So what is the use of an invitation that leaves the invitee hungry and unsatisfied?

Pakistan should take back its aid and provide something that is more suitable or if that is not possible just leave it at that. It is better to provide nothing rather than something that evokes displeasure.

I will eat 3D printed food only if it is tasty

It is true. You can print food now.

NASA paid to develop a prototype 3D printer for food, so astronauts may one day enjoy 3D-printed pizza on Mars. NASA hopes the technology may one day be used to feed astronauts on longer space missions, such as the roughly 520 days required for a manned flight to Mars. Manned missions to destinations deeper in the solar system would require food that can last an even longer amount of time.
Dividing the various components of food in powder cartridges would theoretically enable users to mix them together, like the ingredients in normal recipes, to create a diverse array of nutritious meals.

To prove his idea works, Contractor printed chocolate. Now, he’s aiming to build a more advanced prototype to print a pizza, according to Quartz.

The system will start by “printing” a sheet of dough, followed by a layer of tomato “sauce,” which will consist of the powder mixed with water and oil. Instead of traditional toppings, the 3D-printed pizza will be finished off with a layer of protein, which can be derived from animals, milk or plants, Contractor told Quartz.

While NASA sees applications for 3D printers on future manned space missions, Contractor said his food synthesizer could also be an effective way of addressing the problem of food shortages from rapid population growth.

I guess 3D printed food is not only useful for the astronauts in space, it is useful for the ordinary people during food shortages on earth and probably it is the ultimate food for new busy and lazy future generation.

3D printed food will definitely be nutritious and healthy. But what about taste? Will the printer be able to print taste?