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Name: Taslima Nasreen
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Taslima Nasreen, an award-winning writer, physician, secular humanist and human rights activist, is known for her powerful writings on women oppression and unflinching criticism of religion, despite forced exile and multiple fatwas calling for her death. In India, Bangladesh and abroad, Nasreen’s fiction, nonfiction, poetry and memoir have topped the best-seller’s list. Taslima Nasreen was born in Bangladesh. She started writing when she was 13. Her writings won the hearts of people across the border and she landed with the prestigious literary award Ananda from India in 1992. Taslima won The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought from the European Parliament in 1994. She received the Kurt Tucholsky Award from Swedish PEN, the Simone de Beauvoir Award and Human Rights Award from Government of France, Le Prix de l' Edit de Nantes from the city of Nantes, France, Academy prize from the Royal Academy of arts, science and literature from Belgium. She is a Humanist Laureate in The International Academy for Humanism,USA. She won Distinguished Humanist Award from International Humanist and Ethical Union, Free-thought Heroine award from Freedom From Religion foundation, USA., IBKA award, Germany,and Feminist Press Award, USA . She got the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh prize for Promotion of the Tolerance and Non-violence in 2005. She received the Medal of honor of Lyon. She got honorary citizenship from Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Metz, Thionville, Esch etc. Taslima was awarded the Condorcet-Aron Prize at the “Parliament of the French Community of Belgium” in Brussels and Ananda literary award again in 2000. Bestowed with honorary doctorates from Gent University and UCL in Belgium, and American University of Paris and Paris Diderot University in France, she has addressed gatherings in major venues of the world like the European Parliament, National Assembly of France, Universities of Sorbonne, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, etc. She got fellowships as a research scholar at Harvard and New York Universities. She was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow in the USA in 2009. Taslima has written 35 books in Bengali, which includes poetry, essays, novels and autobiography series. Her works have been translated in thirty different languages.Some of her books are banned in Bangladesh. Because of her thoughts and ideas she has been banned, blacklisted and banished from Bengal, both from Bangladesh and West Bengal part of India. She has been prevented by the authorities from returning to her country since 1994, and to West Bengal since 2007. Her twitter @taslimanasreen Her Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taslimas-thoughts-and-ideas/244974322288219?ref=hl Her Bengali blog http://muktobhabna.blogspot.in/

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Feb 26 2014

Fatwa cannot be forced upon people, Indian Supreme Court rules.

Indian Supreme Court says, fatwa cannot be forced upon people. But fatwas are forced upon people. Fatwa issued by Muslim clerics cannot be forced upon people and the state has to protect persons who are harassed for not following such diktats, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said while expressing reservation in interfering with shariat courts. …

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Feb 25 2014

Sometimes I just can’t stop laughing.

Islamic Leaders Issued Fatwa Prohibiting One-Way Trips to Mars. The fatwa committee of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment in the United Arab Emirates issued the fatwa after determining that “such a one-way journey poses a real risk to life, and that can never be justified in Islam.” They continued, “There is a …

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Feb 25 2014

The truth.


Let me tell you my family stories. I have five nieces and nephews. I educated three of them in critical thinking when they were about five years old. They are now all adults. Three of them are atheists, and two of them, whom I could not educate in critical thinking when they were children, are …

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Feb 23 2014

We do not need divine assitance for anything really

You are old, you are retired, you are lonely, you are depressed, you are derailed, you want to get rid of alcohol addiction, drug addiction, porn addiction, you are bedridden or in jail – people will advise you to do some irrational stuff like reading holy books, praying to god etc. but rational people do …

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Feb 23 2014

A woman was punished for being gang raped.

Sudan court convicts Ethiopian woman over ‘gang-rape’. It is nothing new. We know it very well that we women get harassed, raped, abused, trafficked, tortured and then we get punished for being harassed, raped, abused, trafficked, tortured. We get killed for not paying dowry, for not behaving well or for not cooking well.

Feb 20 2014

Free Speech

I tried to say: ‘Freedom of expression is again under attack in India. Penguin India should not have withdrawn Wendy’s book ‘The Hindus’. The publishers should uphold an author’s freedom of expression. Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti, the organization that claims that the book has many factual errors,could write a book correcting those errors. The book …

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Feb 16 2014

Al-Qaeda urged Muslims in Bangladesh to wage an intifada

Al Qaida asked Muslims in bangladesh to start intifada. The audiovisual message purported to be from al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has urged the Muslims in Bangladesh to wage an intifada (popular uprising) to confront the “crusader onslaught against Islam”. Posted in Jihadology.net, the message alleged thousands of people were being killed in the streets of …

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Feb 14 2014

Oppression against women is much more nasty, brutal and barbaric

Wonderful film but very mild. Just a little bit of assault in the street. No rape or gangrape, no domestic violence, no dowry murder, no bride burning, no sex trafficking, no sex slavery, no stoning to death, no burqa etc. We know very well that we who do not want patriarchal society, do not want …

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Feb 12 2014

Iranian poet executed for ‘waging war on God’

Poet Hashem Shaabani was accused of being an “enemy of God” and a threat to security. So he was executed. Amnesty International said in the beginning of this year Iran executed 40 people within two weeks. According to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Centre (IHRDC) more than 300 people have been executed since Hasan Rouhani …

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