Bikini banned in Goa?

Oh My Goosebumps! Goan minister says, no bikinis, no short skirts, no pubs. He says men get crazy for women, law and order problems occur if women wear bikinis. What should be done? Ban bikinis. Very simple. Instead of banning bikinis I wonder why they don’t punish those morons who don’t respect women and create law & order problems? Or, why they don’t ask men to be blindfolded if it is too hard for men to control their sexual urges after seeing women on beaches.

The minister is saying that wearing bikinis is not Goan culture, so women must stop wearing bikinis. Misogyny rules. Women are not allowed to wear bikinis today. They will be forced to wear burqas tomorrow. Misogynists belong to every religion and every culture. Woman’s body is the property of patriarchal society. Men decide what women should and shouldn’t wear. One of the biggest tragedies of mankind is men’s culture and honor lie in women’s breasts,buttocks,vaginas. I pity women-hating cultures!


  1. Stevarious, Public Health Problem says

    Once again, misogynists show more contempt for men than any feminist I know. If a feminist suggests that men are mindless beasts that can’t control themselves, the feminist is bad and evil. But here we have some asshole not just stating the very same thing, but placing it into the law of the land.

  2. Markovitch says

    I like that blindfold idea — it’s like a little face-burqa for boys, to protect them from seeing things they can’t handle. Can we implement this?

  3. Jostin says

    Minsters please update your security force .don’t rule on people’s food clothing’s and shelter you have been elected to work for state and country development. Not for ruling us .we are 18 above and we know what to wear and not to wear . Goa mumbai delhi chandigad is the only place where Indian mentality is developed as overseas dress up .as you are saying about culture we youngsters can’t live 24 hours under culture we need sum fun enjoyment . .As you say culture… culture won’t make our country develop we need to change and update ourself dressing is the first impression of people and if u link culture with bikinis you need to work on others too . Stop alcoholism it’s not our culture stop movie theatres and build cultural program or make drama show .don’t u think alcohol is not our culture ?why 70 percent of goan get chance to work abroad . Goa is the reason beaches are the reason tourism is the reason dressing sense is the reason which helped goan people

  4. deera says

    Women in the US wear what they want. There is the usual degrading catcalls and car horn blowing from a few excited fellas but nothing this extreme. Then again in the US, porn is always available for men to relieve themselves and there is a very strong and out male gay population. Most men in the US would rather see a young twink in a speedo than a girl in a bikini.

    • says

      “Women in the US wear what they want.”

      Really?` Is topless now accepted on beaches? Nudity? What about topless or nude somewhere other than the beach, like in a park or walking through town?

      My point is that there is a difference in degree, but not in kind, between dress codes and their enforcement in, say, Iran on the one hand and North America on the other.

      I’m sure that a topless woman in many parts of the US would provoke the same reaction as removing a burka in Afghanistan. (Avoid a possible red herring: whether or not it is technically legal is beside the point; the main thing is what one can do in practice).

  5. Prick says

    Taslima – you missed one more hole apart from buttocks and vaginas. Mouth.

    I agree with you on this that women should be only in bikinis or short skirts. Best is not even bother to wear these.

  6. zia says

    is there a competition of madness ?? hmm it is difficult for me to judge the winner, because i was thinking i was a winner but i came to know that i am far away..

    what about if all men move in v shape tight underwear or completely nude all the day anywhere and then we say it is our right , girls and women should be blindfolded. who are you to decide what we wear or what we should not wear? then what would you do taslima?

    dont tell me you will be more comfortable. right………… but no we accept and think positively

    do not be crazy and do not spoil the rules which god made for the goodness of mankind. it is a kind of mental violation, man and woman must abstain from it and should be in their limits otherwise as you have knowledge about Islam and the previous nations even you are a secular but who knows God direct you the straight path.
    tsunami is an example. woman will move in bikini man will walk nude and its freedome…….. hahahahaha what will be at the end after all this freedom ???????

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