Oct 14 2013

Temple Stampede.

Cyclone Phailin was supposed to kill yesterday. But it was faith that killed. Faith dragged people towards a temple. 115 people were killed. More than 100 were injured. Pilgrimage stampede is nothing new. It happens every year. Hundreds of pilgrims get killed every year. They got killed on the same bridge before. Maybe a better and wider bridge will soon be made. But if the number of pilgrims increases, the bridge will look narrow again. It is 2013. We are getting ready to move to a new planet. Science is doing everything for us to survive, to live longer, to get comfort, to gain knowledge of the universe. But people are still believing in a funny old thing called religion. I have no idea how many years humans need to treat myths as myths, not as truths.







  1. 1

    A tragedy all for a lack of education. As secular tourists they could have just come and admired the temple art any day of the week, only religion demands they turn up all at once.

  2. 2
    pushpesh kranti

    religion is nothing but poison…:(…so sad incident…when prople will understand i dont know…!!

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