‘Homeopathy can’t cure erectile dysfunction’ — says the Court of Germany

A Munich court has ruled that a homeopathic product promising to “increase virility” and “activate sexual feeling in women” by increasing blood flow to the genitals has been mislabelled.

The product, which contained traces of the Turnera diffusa shrub native to central and South America, had been marketed as a cure for “sexual weaknesses,” the newspaper the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported.

The case was brought by competition authorities who argued there was no scientific evidence to back up the manufacturer’s claims. It also maintained that there was no proof of the effectiveness of homeopathic products in general.

The company countered that erectile dysfunction and lack of interest in sex were “classical, rather than typical symptoms” of sexual weakness, the paper reported.

However the court did not accept their claim and concluded that “sexual weakness” was too vague a term to cover the specific complaints of erectile dysfunction and lack of interest in sex.

It described the advertisements as “misleading” and upheld the view that there was no scientific evidence for either the effectiveness of homeopathy or the Turnera difussa shrub in treating sex-related complaints.

It is time for the countries where believers of homeopathic, ayurvaedic and other alternative traditional herbal unscientific thingies that are sold in the name of medicine, increasing, should learn from Germany. National newspapers and TV channels and all other medias are helping the fraud companies advertising their products which do not at all correct anyone’s erectile dysfunction. It’s time to stop exploiting ordinary innocent people. It’s time to challenge fraud companies. Time to learn from Germany.


  1. says

    So, not only is the plant itself not effective in treating the disorder, they’ve decided to go with a homeopathic preparation, so there isn’t even any of the plant left in the “medicine”. The supposed curative agent is both ineffective and non-existent.

    It would be really funny if it wasn’t actually people’s health on the line.

  2. David Marjanović says

    So, not only is the plant itself not effective in treating the disorder,

    That’s the point of homeopathy: to cure a disease with certain symptoms, you look for a plant or other stuff that causes the same symptoms and dilute it. Similia similibus curentur, similar ones shall be cured by similar ones.

    Apparently, Hahnemann was allergic to quinine, so it gave him malaria symptoms. And then he projected.

    Also, so much for the complaint that evidence-based medicine “only treats symptoms”.

  3. says

    Oh right, like cures like, as they say. Sorry, sometimes to gets difficult to keep track of all the many different ways in which homeopathy is bullshit.

  4. says

    Well, the only case where homeopathy could be said to “cure” erectile dysfunction is when a man is impeded by his own psychological state, and ingesting a “remedy” in which he believes makes him happier and more confident. But then, anything could serve the purpose, including good old witchcraft charms and amulets!

  5. sc_770d159609e0f8deaa72849e3731a29d says

    Oddly enough, as erectile dysfunction and sexual problems in general have psychological causes more often than other problems and Germany- where homeopathy was invented- is one of the places where belief in homeopathy is high,, homeopathic medicine might work here and register as effective in comparisons with other treatments- an expensive placebo, but an effective one.

  6. mildlymagnificent says

    erectile dysfunction and sexual problems in general have psychological causes more often than other problems

    That’s a widely held belief but it’s not entirely true. For many people this may be true if it turns out to be related to underlying depression or anxiety or relationship problems, but there are several common physical causes which won’t be investigated if people go straight for homeopathy or other placebos. Quite often just stopping smoking and/ or drinking is enough to solve the problem unless those activities have also led to cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Other times there’s not much to be done because it’s related to drugs which can’t be stopped for other reasons.

    It should always be treated as a medical problem first and when there’s no medical underlying cause then move on to the therapy, counselling type processes.

  7. says

    “Unfortunately, Germany remains homeopathy country despite the occasional court ruling to the contrary.”

    Yes. This is, unfortunately, true. Those who believe in such woo are a minority, but they have successful lobbying organizations. Such people are usually opposed to vaccinations as well and often believe in anthroposophy. I was relieved that the federal health minister (“Gesundheitsminister” in German) is publicly thinking about re-instating that vaccinations be required by law.

  8. says

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  9. says

    I know, right! Doesn’t she realize that absolute hatred of all men and their penises is a requirement for participation here at Feminazis-R-Us?

  10. Zanna Black says

    Turnera Diffusa is better known as the herb Damiana, and is HERBAL…NOT HOMEOPATHIC. Homeopathy involves the dilution of dangerous substances, rendering them non-toxic but medicinally useful if taken in the prescribed manner. And what works for one person may not work for another, just like our highly commercialized pharmaceuticals. Last I checked, Damiana isn’t all that dangerous (in fact, I love Damiana for it’s anti-anxiety properties) and can even be used as tea. If this company is promoting this product as homeopathic then it is clearly false advertising and giving REAL homeopathy a bad reputation, like many others that promote herbal remedies as “homeopathic”. Although I am a believer in natural medicines and homeopathy for some issues, I do feel that herbal companies need to be held accountable for misleading claims.

  11. says

    Homeopathy involves the dilution of dangerous substances…

    And by “dilution” you mean “dilution to the point where there’s nothing of the original substance left at all, meaning that you’re paying money for medicine which is really just water”.

    …giving REAL homeopathy a bad reputation

    The reason homeopathy has a bad reputation is because it’s complete bullshit. The fundamental idea of homeopathy is that water becomes magic if you shake it just right.

    You are right in pointing out that these alternative medicines are often frauds. It’s not at all uncommon for supposedly homeopathic remedies to have measurable quantities of active ingredients, or for herbal remedies to contain something other than what it says on the label.

    From Science-based Medicine:

    The findings are dismal and quite discouraging for consumers and health professionals alike. Only 48% of products were authentic. 59% of the products contained species not listed on the label. One-third contained fillers and contaminants that were not labeled. Amazingly, another third of products tested contained a substituted ingredient – and none of the labeled ingredient. Of the 12 companies sampled, only two had authentic products without any substitution, contaminants, and fillers. Unlabelled fillers including wheat, soy, and rice, were found in 20% of products. Three companies had products for which no products could be authenticated

    As a side issue, it’s interesting to note that the studies that test for efficacy of alternative medicines rarely conduct independent tests of what the products used actually contain. As such, in addition to the other flaws of the studies (and let’s face it, those are often enough to render them irrelevant), they also face the problem that they don’t actually know if they’re testing “real” alternative remedies or something else.

  12. says

    Well, in ayurvedic medicine you have vajikarana therapy which is more of a multi-modality / whole body system approach to helping with erectile dysfunction. I know you are talking about magic pills and the way they are marketed but you also included Ayurveda which often is not based only on popping herbal preparations.

  13. says

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  14. says

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