Sep 02 2013

Indian Godman is in jail for sexual assault

Gandhi grew up in Gujarat. He was called Bapu. Asaram grew up in Gujarat. He is also called Bapu. Gandhi was hugely popular among Indians. Asaram has been hugely popular among Indians. Gandhi used young girls for his celibacy test, even when he was over 70. Asaram is now 72, and he rapes young girls.


Asaram is now in jail. But most Indians still support him and believe that he is not guilty. Most Indians support Gandhi. They believe Gandhi had the right to make young girls naked and sleep with him. Godmen exploit people for wealth and fame and sex. God-fearing people go to Godmen to get their blessings, because they are told that Godmen have a direct connection with God.

You may imprison a rapist Godman. But it will not make Godman business disappear from superstitious society. You will not be able to defeat god beliefs, god-men, superstitions by any other weapons but science. You bet.


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  1. 1

    needa shoot em ,..! totall blasphemy !! bapu needa be jailed .atleast can the Indian courts give him 11Yrs old sentance on par with this photo alone!!!

  2. 2
    Dr B Sarath Babu

    Leave alone sentence to this Godmen, it will not be surprising to anyone in India if the rapist escapes punishment and resumes teaching gospel ‘the Satsang’ . His advise to the rape victims as usual will be addressing and begging the rapists as Brothers. There are politicians and idiots in the society who do not wish to even consider that these Godmen are criminals indicating to the rest of the human race that they are the descendants of God down here to bless the ordinary especially the youg girls and women with their gift of rape in their language may be ‘A Gupta Daan’. Through the posture in the picture, this Bapu is presenting eternity to the victimised innocent woman.
    The very thoughts of these Godmen criminals recirculating themselves with the abundant and incessant faith reposed in them by the superstitious desciples in the society cheating the the gullible sickens us. There is hardly any history of Criminal Godmen being punished. Let the human sense prevail among the human society.

  3. 3

    If Asaram is guilty he must be punished. No doubt in it, but do not judge him by above poster. The person in poster is not Asaram. He is Virato and the girl is his wife. Both are married and declared Osho followers.

    Let truth alone prevail.

    http://www.gurusfeet.com/guru/maa-deva-dhiraja (This is a photo of Virato & his wife Dhiraja)

  4. 4

    shame on you.. u published someone elses photo and tagged bapu….. cheap …totally cheap

  5. 5


    Nice photo indeed! It looks pedo-ish though. Hope this girl would reach her age of consent. LOL.

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