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Religion goes well with cartoons


How true this even today!


”A really complicated and illogical way of saying ‘ I am scared of death’. ”

rel cartoons

We know now why dinosaurs were not on Noah’s Ark.


I know about it so well.


Yep. You can’t go against anyone’s religious right.


That’s cool. Don’t eat.


  1. Butch Pansy says

    That last is not funny. Well, I don’t get it, anyway. Does the kid think he’s saving the world from an unoriginal sin? Does he expect divine vengeance for eating it? I guess I don’t understand xians.

    • Corvus illustris says

      I guess I don’t understand xians.

      Or you don’t understand kids, who sometimes just WON’T and any rationale will do. On the other hand, if Sunday school had told him that we have fruit-eating primates in our species’ history and we’re built to really like fruit (yum), that would have been closer to the truth and probably had about the same effect …

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