‘I am proud to be an atheist’


Free Arabs says, In the Islamic kingdom of Morocco, atheism itself is not a criminal offense. “Shaking the Muslim’s faith” is.

Police is looking for Imad Iddine Habib for saying, “there is no God but Mickey Mouse”. Habib is now in hiding.

I congratulate Habib for declaring he is an atheist. Atheists should come out of the closet and speak up. If they do not do it now, it would be too late to save humanity. The authorities will imprison you when you are a few in number, they will be scared when you are a million.


  1. smrnda says

    I haven’t been following news too well lately; is there any impending punishment or petition out there to sign in support?

  2. James Solomon says

    I’m a black atheist but I wish I wasn’t. It’s just so mentally draining to be constantly explaining or defending yourself to ignorant and hateful people, especially if those people are your family. Life is short and I don’t want to spend the rest of my days constantly arguing with people.

  3. Crunchy Renee says

    How scary that you can be killed, jailed, hunted by police for saying “there is no god but Mickey mouse”. How pitiful is your god to think that he is bothered by this. WTF is wrong w Muslims that want to kill over Islam?

    Is there a group to help Hess brave people, those that come out as atheist or criticize Islam? they need funds and safe housing. I would donate to such a cause.

  4. andywatson says

    I wish that guy well,

    On a similar issue, how scary that you can be killed, jailed, hunted by police for saying “I despise Skepchick, but I am no MRA or misogynist”. How pitiful is your god Rebcca Watson. WTF is wrong w Radical Feminists that all men are the ‘enemy’.

    Is there a group to help brave people, those that come out as atheist but who also criticize Skepchick? they need funds and safe housing. I would donate to such a cause.

  5. says

    Dear Ms. Nasreen, I just discovered your blog today, when I somehow landed on “I’m proud to be an atheist”. The question of how accommodating one should be of people who live within religious delusions is a difficult one. I admire the polite way you handle the people who are rude or thoughtless in their comments on the various issues you deal with. I wrote about your work in the little blog I maintain for the book I am publishing on my website at Witnofigo.com. The novel is an environmental horror comedy, and is disdainful of religious and political non-sense. As such it would offend right-wing billionaires, corrupt politicians, and religious believers of all stripes. Sadly, the level of logic in some of the comments I receive is occasionally disappointing. Perhaps religious magic thinking gives us an excuse to act based on non-sense rather than on evidence based sense. Please keep up your excellent commentaries, I shall be back to read more! Sincerely, Adam Heart


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