Ignorant insane humans!

We take care of our fellow ignorant humans. We defend their right to be insane.They use that right to violate our right to be sane.

A bunch of ignorant insane humans have been occupying Bangladesh and demanding the execution of atheist bloggers. They want laws against blasphemy. They want no one’s freedom of expression except their own.

Hifazat-e-Islam occupied Bangladesh today.

At least 50 vehicles were set on fire in Dhaka by Hifazat-e-Islam.

Three people were killed.

Death toll tops 600 in Bangladesh garment-factory-building collapse. Islamists do not think it is enough. They have killed some people today and asked the government to kill some more.



They may not be good in English, but they are very good at killing.


  1. sonya islam says

    ami onek shomoy dhore opekkha korchilam apnar lekhar jonno,bhebei rekhechilam j hefajot k niye lekhben….onek bochor opekkha kore apnar shathe contac korar ekta maddhom peyechi,kono din oboshoy dekha korbo….diner kotota shomoy j ami apnak bhebe katai bolte parbo na….amar bhalobasha niben…

  2. Durbar DEY says

    I don’t have my words to say how happy I’m to have my favourite person writing again about issues we’re very much concerned with.

  3. busterggi says

    They aren’t doing anything Christian fundies in the US haven’t done, and would do again if they could, and their spelling is equal to your average tea partier.

  4. anonymouzz says

    It’s important people in Bangladesh know about online anonymity and hide their tracks from these animals. You don’t want to end up dead because they were able to figure out who you were from a facebook post.

    Need to write Bangladeshi articles on how to use Tor browser, how to sign up anonymously to facebook and not use real pictures or names, how to get censor free email (tormail) and always cover your tracks so thugs cannot murder you for free though/speech.

  5. says

    Khuda is love and love is Khuda. Stop killing innocent people, khuda will punish for this action.
    Don’t be handle of dirty politicians, they want power.

    If Khuda of all the relegions are not the one and same, the following ancient and present similarities and practices do not exists.
    First of all blood color of all people is same means we all people are made by the same alien(Khuda) / Supreme power.
    Muslims believes in holy colour, the holy colour is Green
    Hindu believes in holy colour, the holy colour is orange
    Christians believe in holy colour, the holy colour is white.
    Hindu believes in chanting mantras and Muslims also believe in to chant Baang in their holy places.
    Hindu lightens Deep in holy places and Christians also lightens candles.
    Above all similarity proves that the origin of all world religions are same then why we should fight.
    If you reallly believe in Khuda then love people and every thing which is made by Khuda. Love is the second form of Khuda.

    Khuda will remove the curton from your eyes and you all will be able to see the love.

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