Apr 07 2013

Bangladesh has potential to be worse than Pakistan.

We were so happy to have witnessed the wonderful secular movement at Shahbagh in February, 2013.
How many of us knew that Islamists could make 100 times or 1000 times bigger crowds than secular crowds?
We should have no doubt that Bangladesh is a purely Islamic country and it is going to be a purely Islamic fundaentalist country.
The country is full of Islamists. The biggest Islamist is the government, no matter who it is, Ziaur or Hasina or Khaleda or Ershad or Army!

They all help monsters to be born and monsters to grow. Now we witness the monsters occupying Bangladesh, once a secular country.
Bangladesh can be worse than Pakistan. The world keeps an eye on Pakistan. US drone attacks are there. The country has often been ruled by educated secular people. But Bangladesh remains in the dark backyard. Not so many countries are interested in Bangladesh, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. The rulers are uneducated idiots, Islamist morons and the patronizers of Islamic fanatics. Slowly it is becoming the worst Islamist country in the world. Wait and watch.

Look at them. Several hundred thousand people gathered to hang people who criticized Islam. It happened yesterday.




APTOPIX Bangladesh Blasphemy Rally.JPEG-0b4aa


Bangladesh Blasphemy Rally.JPEG-0aec3

Bangladesh Blasphemy Rally.JPEG-0e0e8


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    I haven’t really commented on anything you’ve written as my only reaction to most everything on NCFW is “holy crap” along with sometimes my mind being blown by what is going on in the world…

    But that is a lot of protesters, and a lot of crazy. My jaw dropped. So now I’ll say it, not just think it. HOLY CRAP.

    And one of those dudes in the video… government arresting athiest bloggers = government conspiracy against islam? MY MIND IS BLOWN.

    How do you fight something like that? I’m just, I don’t even, wow.

  2. 2
    No One

    Not a woman to be seen in any of the imagery. No country for women. The imams rule that place, it’s finished.

  3. 3


  4. 4
    Muhammad Abu Ishaq

    A female tv-reporter was assaulted by the Islamists for not wearing scarf. She was badly injured and was hospitalised later.

  5. 5

    Its high time to act and resort to collective action else all liberal and secular forces will perish .

  6. 6
    streaming Pakistan vs Bangladesh

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  2. 9
    Si petite zone

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  3. 10
    Islamist agitation fuels unrest in Bangladesh | ~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

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