The idea that you can tell things about a person from their appearance underlies the entire point of dressing up, wearing make-up, and being concerned with our appearance. There are probably some things you might be able to assume from a person’s looks, but it’s still going to be pretty unreliable: you can’t tell someone’s a terrorist because they “look muslim” because “looking muslim” is a vague concept to begin with.

What about people who look like criminals?

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$1.6 Trillion, Plus or Minus $100 Billion

Whenever you talk to someone who says that they are “fiscally conservative” (and they usually follow it with “… and socially libertarian”) you are authorized to laugh at them. Indeed, you are deputized hereby to deliver derisive laughter. I’ve said many times that it’s impossible to be “fiscally conservative” and not be mind-blown upset about defense expenditures and pentagon financial fraud.

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