In the Magicians’ Den

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the magic of movies. There was a long time when I wanted to go into SFX (specifically, to wrangle weaponry for movies, after seeing so many stupid ray guns and anachronisms, like sterling 9mm submachineguns firing blaster bolts or MG42 ‘smart gun’ pulse rifles – and don’t even get me started on mis-balanced swords!) I started buying Cinefex when it first came out and only stopped when the pile got too heavy to move.

Movies are magic. So, you can imagine me squeeing long and hard when I got a chance to wander around the back lot at a major Hollywood studio.

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Cassini Probe

One skill I definitely do not have is video editing and composition. It’s both a skill and an art-form, really: the cuts and camera moves, the sound, transitions, framing, timing – it’s much much harder than stills, for me. So I mostly do stills.

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