Chelsea Manning Sentence Commuted

Obama +1

I’m happy about this. Barack Obama, you complicated, inconsistent, unamerican, brilliant, interesting man. I voted for you the first time because you said you’d close gitmo and get the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I didn’t vote for you the second time because you expanded the drone killings, continued to erode the war powers resolution, and destroyed Libya. You were barely the lesser evil. Now, you’ll be missed and that’s a statement about how bad it’s going to get.

The FBI Watched as American Hackers Attacked Worldwide…

The lulzsec logo

The lulzsec logo

I haven’t hidden how unimpressed I am with the FBI/CIA/NSA’s joint report that alleges Russian hackers interfered with the 2016 elections. In my opinion, the ‘evidence’ they present is painfully thin, and mostly bad or inaccurate.


Let’s have a look at some of the quality of evidence that the FBI has been able to present in other hacking cases.

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