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Dec 06 2013

The shape of things to come


Cartoonist Jen Sorenson anticipates the future if, as feared, cell phones are soon allowed on airplanes.

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Dec 04 2013

Anti-child gated communities

We have lived on the same street for nearly 25 years. When we moved in our children were in pre-school and kindergarten. As time went by, they and the other children on the street grew up and moved on as we became the old-timers, and new younger families moved in with their own little children.

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Nov 29 2013

Glenn Greenwald blasts another BBC journalist

By now it should be clear to practically anyone who follows news with even the mildest critical gaze that the leaders of governments lie. In order to serve their purposes, they are willing to lie routinely, unscrupulously, shamelessly, and indiscriminately. The only thing that stops them from lying is the fear of getting caught and …

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Nov 20 2013

Needless panicking over Obamacare

The US media acts like a herd, moving as a group from one narrative to another, painting each situation in the most extreme colors, as if they are trying to stampede policymakers into taking rash actions, because nothing is more exciting to the media than rapid changes in policy and actions

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Nov 19 2013

Monty Python reunion

There is a report that the five surviving members of the Monty Python are going to have a reunion stage show.

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Nov 18 2013

Deciphering the language of political coverage

Matt Taibbi writes that coverage of the 2016 presidential election has already begun. He says that this is inevitable but what depresses him is the way it is covered. He explains how there has now evolved a standard lens through which all politicians are viewed and that results in a particular narrative form. He looks …

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Nov 13 2013

Autoplay problem: UPDATE

NOTE: To see how to solve the problem, please see this later post. Some readers are complaining that some videos are auto playing (which is of course highly annoying), even though the embedding code I use is supposed to not do that. Others say it is not autoplaying for them. Since this is not a …

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Nov 11 2013

Is it ever acceptable to pretend that god and the afterlife exist?

As atheists, we tend to take a hard-headed attitude towards god and the afterlife. Neither exists and we view those who believe in them as being either mistaken or clinging to them out of a need for a comforting illusion. While I am convinced that telling the truth about the non-existence of any gods is …

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Nov 10 2013

Football concussion brain injuries story gets even worse

Today is a fall Sunday in the US and this afternoon about a thousand large and muscular men are going to spend three hours pounding the stuffing out of each other to the cheers of the crowd. What is becoming increasingly clear is that with each hit, the players are receiving brain injuries that down …

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Nov 09 2013

The abominable practice of hazing

What has emerged from the story of Richie Incognito of the Miami Dolphins tormenting fellow teammate and rookie Jonathan Martin so much that the latter left the team is that there is a vicious culture of hazing in the NFL (see here and here) that has come to be accepted as normal.

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