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Jul 18 2014

Interview with Snowden

The editor of the Guardian has an excerpt of an interview with Edward Snowden where he seems remarkably calm about his fate and says that he is even resigned to being sent to Guantanamo. He also says that the people working for the NSA routinely shared amongst themselves embarrassing photos that they found while snooping …

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Jun 05 2014

Two films about Snowden in the works

It turns out that Oliver Stone is set to make a film about Edward Snowden. Stone’s film is based on a book The Snowden Files by Guardian reporter Luke Harding. Stone is a fan of Snowden so the film will likely be sympathetic to him.

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Jun 05 2014

Changes since Snowden

On the anniversary of the publication of the first articles based on the revelations of Edward Snowden, we can expect to see a lot of retrospectives in the media about the past year and much has changed in that time.

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May 30 2014

John Kerry channeling Bush-Cheney

Our erstwhile Secretary of State is pathetically trying to shame Edward Snowden to returning to the US to face charges, using language that could come straight out of the Bush-Cheney playbook, both condescending and misleading.

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May 27 2014

Snowden in his own words

We are approaching the first anniversary of the publication on June 5, 2013 of the first revelation from Edward Snowden, that the US government had obtained from Verizon without a warrant the phone records of all its customers. I want to reproduce some of the messages that Snowden gave Glenn Greenwald early in their interactions, …

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May 20 2014

The strategy for revealing the Snowden documents

In an interview with GQ magazine, Glenn Greenwald explains the strategy that was developed to deal with the documents that Edward Snowden gave them. It was determined by his antipathy towards mainstream US media and the way they were so deferential to power.

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May 13 2014

The big Snowden finale coming up

One question that has been in the minds of people following the release of the Edward Snowden documents is when the revelations will finally come to an end and whether there are any major ones among those left. There have been hints by Snowden and Glenn Greenwald that some major revelation was in the offing …

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May 12 2014

The day Snowden revealed himself

Glenn Greenwald has a new book No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the US Surveillance State that will be out tomorrow about his involvement with the Edward Snowden revelations. In one chapter that has been excerpted in the Guardian, he describes the hectic day that Snowden’s identity was revealed and the cat-and-mouse …

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May 06 2014

Hillary Clinton trots out the usual lies about Snowden

Trevor Timm points out how in recent remarks, Hillary Clinton trots out the same old lies and arguments about Snowden that have been thoroughly debunked. Here are the debunked statements she made that Timm rebuts point by point.

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Apr 18 2014

Vanity Fair article about Edward Snowden

The latest issue of the magazine has a profile of the famous whistleblower that traces his life history and his evolution from a hesitant and tentative participant in online forums for computer enthusiasts to an assured, self-confident, sometimes cocky, and even abrasive personality. It is behind a paywall but one of the authors was interviewed …

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