People behaving badly

The Daily Show came back from its vacation and caught up on all the news that happened over holidays, which resulted a montage of people behaving badly.

For starters, they looked at what happened with Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby, and Ethan Couch. The last named, for those who don’t know, is the young man who fled to Mexico in violation of the probation sentence he was given after he killed four people while driving drunk.
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Obama and Seinfeld go for coffee

Jerry Seinfeld has president Obama as his guest on his show Comedians in Cars getting Coffee. He usually picks his guests up in a vintage sports car and they go to a restaurant. In this episode, the first part went fine with Seinfeld driving a 1963 Corvette to the White House but the second part was thwarted because the security detail would not let them leave the grounds.
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