John Oliver on Trump and Russia

The one thing that Donald Trump is doing right is that he does not want to escalate conflicts with Russia. Those who are ramping up the antagonism towards Russia may not remember how bad and dangerous the Cold War was, with mainly the arms manufacturers benefiting from it. But we should not confuse a good relationship between the two countries, which is a good thing, with a personal friendship between the two leaders, which may or may not be good depending on what common interests they share.
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More on the strange Trump press conference

This was the first solo press conference given by Donald Trump. Normally the president makes a few remarks about some issues that he wants to highlight and then asks for questions. Trump used his opening time to deliver a long, rambling, incoherent monologue largely praising himself and blasting the media for painting his administration in a bad light, before combatively engaging with the press and his ‘answers’ to the questions consisted of more self-praise and press-blasting.
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Trump vs. Truth

John Oliver dissects Donald Trump’s lies and the sources of those lies. Don’t omit to watch at the 21:00 minute mark where Oliver produces a series of ads to be actually aired on the cable news shows that Trump watches, where the actor in a pseudo-commercial provides Trump with accurate information.

Saturday Night Live goes full Trump

It looks like Saturday Night Live has decided to portray as many male members of the Trump administration as possible with women, knowing that this gets under Trump’s skin. In addition to Melissa McCarthy reprising her role as press secretary Sean Spicer, yesterday saw Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions. Can Rosie O”Donnell as Steve Bannon be far behind?
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Bannon’s prominence is already getting to Trump

It looks like more and more people are making the assertion that Donald Trump is mere clay in the hands of his advisor Steve Bannon, as shown in last week’s Saturday Night Live sketch. These are not just the late night comedians on TV but political commentators as well. There have even been social media movements with hashtags #PostcardstoBannon and #PresidentBannon surfacing on Twitter.

The hashtag #PresidentBannon gained ground last week after Bannon was appointed to the National Security Council by an executive order signed by Trump. This decision came at a time when the country was still reeling under the effects of the president’s temporary travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries as well as the suspension of the refugee program.

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What White House press briefings look like now

Melissa McCarthy channels White House spokesperson Sean Spicer to demonstrate the nature of current press briefings. I for one am hoping that the relations between the government and the press get as hostile as possible because an adversarial press is more likely to produce actual news than one that had such good relations with high government officials that reporters could be easily manipulated and used as puppets.
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