Some random thoughts on the current political situation

The locker rooms of America strike back

The repeated defense by Donald Trump and his surrogates that the recording of his disgusting comments about women was simply ‘locker room talk’ has caused offense to athletes who spend a lot of time in actual locker rooms, and they have reacted angrily to what they see as a blanket slur on all of them, as can be seen here and here. Maybe Trump has his own locker room where he only hangs out with Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes, and Newt Gingrich. I can well believe that those four talk like that in private because they all seem to be what we used to call ‘dirty old men’ and ‘lechers’, people who become completely unhinged in the presence of women.
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How did the Trump recording surface?

I have been curious as to the origins of the recording of Donald Trump that has caused such a sensation, how something made in 2005 lay dormant until Friday. Here is some background to how the recording was made. It arose in the context that Trump had been working for NBC on his own show The Apprentice from 2004 until he decided to run for president last year, and in 2005 had been invited to appear as a guest on another of their programs Access Hollywood.
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Wait until next time!

The video below of two women who call themselves Trumpettes (and wear T-shirts to proudly prove it) is quite revealing of the widely differing perceptions between supporters and critics of Donald Trump that I wrote about earlier. They defend Donald Trump and say that what most observers consider a bad few weeks and debate performance are actually deceiving. They believe it is all part of a grand plan to lull Hillary Clinton into a false sense of security and that he is going to simply rip into her at the next debate.
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David Cay Johnston explains Trump’s tax schemes

It has become a cliché that the real scandal in the US is not what is illegal but what is legal and this is amply demonstrated in the way that the real estate industry has obtained massive loopholes that benefit themselves and that Donald Trump has then exploited for his own benefit.

David Cay Johnston is a veteran reporter whose beats are economics and taxes. I have read a couple of his books and have linked to him frequently because he knows his stuff. As a bonus, he has also been following Trump’s career for several decades and this combination makes him the perfect person to explain what might be going on with Trump’s massive tax loss in 1995 that has been in the news this week.
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