Silly weather reporting

The massive storm predicted earlier this week for the northeast corridor of the US and caused New York City to pretty much shut down, resulted in a mixed outcome. The storm did hit hard many regions of Massachusetts and the upper regions of New England, though friends of mine who live in Maine said that it was pretty much the kind of bad storm that hits them every winter and not an unprecedented one.
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A hilarious sendup of the Iowa presidential cattle call

The Daily Show had a field day making fun of the Iowa ‘summit’ hosted by congressman Steve King (R-Crazy) and the Koch brothers, finding much that was eminently mockable in those proceedings. Jon Stewart also alluded obliquely to something that I have been wondering about but hesitated to say out loud, and that is whether Sarah Palin’s greater than usual incoherence (a high bar that she easily surpassed on this occasion) was due possibly to her having been drinking before her speech.
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Le Petit Journal has more fun with Fox News

The claims by so-called ‘terrorism experts’ on Fox News that there were no-go zones for non-Muslims in Paris provoked both amusement and anger. Amusement took the form of a French satirical news show Le Petit Journal poking fun at Fox News while the anger took the form of the mayor of Paris threatening to sue the TV channel. I am not sure how serious she was. Such a suit would be unlikely to win in the US but I am not sure of French laws.
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The State of the Union is boring

Two days ago, president Obama gave his state of the union speech that I, as is my usual practice, did not watch. I really hate meaningless political rituals. Apparently he listed several progressive proposals and was not at all conciliatory towards the Republicans or their agenda, even making pointed digs and laughing and winking at them, which has infuriated them.
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The Nightly Show tackles the Bill Cosby rape allegations

The second episode of Larry Wilmore’s new show was entirely about the rape allegations against Bill Cosby, with Wilmore saying right off the top that he thinks Cosby did behave in a manner largely consistent with what his accusers claim. Wilmore is definitely not going to play it safe and this might be the distinctive feature of his show, where people can go to hear frank discussions of major topics, leavened with humor, and by people who are not the usual suspects one sees on such shows. [Read more…]

Huckabee the snake-oil salesman

There was a time back in 2008 when I started becoming aware of Mike Huckabee that I thought that he seemed like a compassionate conservative, someone who was religious but also cared about helping the poor. He would go on shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and act all affable and avuncular and talk a good game, as if he was a reasonable person.
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