And the killing of innocents continues

Shocking news has emerged about the US bombing a hospital in Afghanistan even though the hospital in Kunduz run by Doctors Without Borders had previously notified the US of its GPS coordinates.

A US airstrike that killed up to 20 aid workers and patients in a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in Afghanistan constitutes a “grave violation of international law”, the charity’s president has said.

The bombardment, which occurred early on Saturday morning, went on for more than 30 minutes despite the charity raising the alarm with US and Afghan officials, and destroyed much of the compound in Kunduz.

The hospital had treated hundreds of people injured after the northern city fell to a dramatic Taliban attack last week, and when government troops launched an assault to reclaim it. Beds and corridors were still crammed with patients and their relatives when it was hit in the early hours of Saturday morning.

On Saturday evening, the dead included at least 12 members of staff and seven patients – three of whom where children. An MSF source told the Guardian the death toll could rise further.

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Upping the ante on political hate

With Donald Trump cornering the market on Mexican-hate, it looks like Ben Carson has decided that Muslim-hate will be his own vote-getting message with the frothing-at-the-mouth crowd. But this time, when he was called to account by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, instead of whining about political correctness that has become his trademark, he went even further and urged that the IRS should investigate the CAIR, showing that, like most hatemongers, he can dish it out but can’t take it.
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The effect of religious homeschooling on children

The Quiverfull Movement that Vyckie Garrison spoke about last night encourages parents to home school their children. These people are so far gone that they even view parochial schools, let alone public schools, as sources of contamination of dangerous ideas. These parents want their children to be just like them or even more religious if possible, and that requires that they carefully control what their children read and who they associate with. The Quiverfull Movement hopes that by producing vast numbers of children just like them, they can transform the US culture just by sheer numbers alone.
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The plot thickens on the pope’s meeting with Kim Davis

Yesterday, Charles P. Pierce wrote an article suggesting that pope Francis was likely tricked into meeting with Kim Davis by those in the hierarchy of the Catholic church who are more loyal to ex-pope Ratzinger and are unhappy with the direction that Francis is taking the church. These people may have felt that having Francis appear to be endorsing such an anti-gay bigot like Davis would leave a sour taste in the mouths of people who had been swooning over his visit to the US. Here’s how Pierce thinks the plan was implemented by Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the papal nuncio to the United States,
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