Aug 07 2013

Limits to tolerance of diversity

Cartoonist Keith Knight feels obliged to draw the line somewhere.



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  1. 1
    Ubi Dubium

    I’m not worried about purple people. The Purple People Eater got them all, back in 1958.

  2. 2

    Do a google image search on ‘colloidal silver side effects’ to have a look at purple people.

  3. 3

    Re Ubi Dubium

    Actually, purple was the color of the purple people eater.

  4. 4

    As Kermit the Frog once, said, “It’s not easy being green…”

  5. 5

    @3 – Gasp! You mean it was cannibalism? Savages, I tell you, savages!

  6. 6

    Frog, the other green meat.

  7. 7
    M can help you with that.

    Ah, but how did the purple people eater get its coloration in the first place? Think “flamingo”…

  8. 8

    That is a theme I see in some fellow white-folks. Being willing to talk about specific problems in different minority communities is more useful and better for creating social change than simply saying “I don’t care if someone is a…” or “I like…”. Well congrats! You can do the basic human thing of being willing to let someone exist without active prejudice!

    Now what?

  9. 9

    I really don’t remember what book it’s from, and have no idea whether it’s where the purple people eater originates, but I vaguely remember a joke along the lines of:

    (Kid 1 scares Kid 2 with the notion of the purple people eater)
    Kid 2: “But I’m not purple!”

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