The serious problem of a lawless white culture

There was a riot recently in Huntington Beach following a surfing tournament. Cord Jefferson linked to a video of the rioting young people and wrote an essay saying that it was high time that white parents and leadership addressed this serious problem of young white people running amuck.

As I said, I know a lot of whites don’t want to hear this kind of tough talk. But as an American of color who considers himself an ally to the white community, I’m just tired of seeing young, belligerent white people disgrace themselves year after year at surfing events, horse racing infields, and Ivy League campuses. Whites in America have been out from under their European ancestors’ boot heels for centuries; California specifically outlawed preferences for nonwhites in state hiring and education nearly two decades ago. So being “oppressed” is no longer an excuse for behavior like this. How long must we wait for the white community to get its act together?

In a follow-up interview on his TV show All In, Chris Hayes discussed this issue with Jefferson.

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(For those who missed it, Jefferson’s essay and the interview with Hayes were satire, but as with all good satire, it has a serious underlying message and that is how the media is quick to stereotype and lecture minority communities based on the actions of a few but does not do so when members of the majority is involved.)

And for more evidence of how this disease of white-on-white crime has spread to even older people, Neetzan Zimmerman provides this video of what happened when someone confronted a woman who was caught in the very act of grand theft rhubarb. (Language advisory) When will the madness stop? Will no one think of the children?