“The ‘peace process’ is whatever the US supports”

Via Juan Cole, I came across this clip from 1990 in which Noam Chomsky talks about how in the propaganda model, words have technical meanings in addition to their normal meanings. In the US media it is the technical meanings that are used because they provide justification for anything that the US government does. What Chomsky said then still holds up, including the examples he gives of this practice, especially as it pertains to the Middle East ‘peace process’ that is back in the news.

You can never have too much of Chomsky. He is always worth listening to but is it any wonder that he suffers from an almost total blackout in US media while third-rate minds can be easily found all over the place all the time talking nonsense?

As a side note, as I predicted, the story of the CIA agent Robert Seldon Lady has quickly disappeared from the US news pages. There seems to be little or no US media interest in following up the whereabouts of this fugitive from justice or how the US government is sheltering an actual convicted criminal from the Italian legal system. This must be because the technical meaning of ‘extradition’ means ‘those whom the US government wants returned to the US’.