Jul 23 2013

Big news …

… that the news networks are covering 24/7.



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    Heh… I posted the following to Facebook today, along with a link to BBC’s extensive coverage:

    Fellow progressives,

    The next time you get sad about how silly Americans can be, and are tempted to think that Europe is way ahead of us or some other such nonsense, remember this: Currently, the most venerated news outlet in the United Kingdom is basically wetting its collective pants over the fact that, um, some crusty inbred people, who earned a position of tremendous privilege and power simply by virtue of their birth, managed to have a baby.

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    Who gives a f**k.

  3. 3

    Trust Private Eye to get to the heart of the matter!

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    When I think about this “news”, I think: was the American Revolutionary War fought in vain?

  5. 5

    Oh if only Tom Paine were still alive …

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    The Lad Who’s Born To Be King | Canadian Atheist

    [...] of Cambridge has engendered considerable excitement in some quarters, grumpy disdain in others, a wry shrug from Private Eye, and the occasional reaction that can only be described as at least mildly [...]

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