Jun 24 2013

Obama v. Obama on national security and the constitution


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    I never would have predicted that the man who inspired me so much and gave me hope that America still stood for what we were taught and brought up to believe would turn out being the man that left me disgusted and jaded with what we’ve become,..

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    Marcus Ranum

    “Lucky me” I was already jaded and disgusted. So I have been able to choke back Obama’s betrayal (I voted him because of his promise to close Gitmo) but – yeech. Won’t get fooled again – I’m going to be voting for the green party from now on because I can’t tell enough difference between the other 2 parties; they’re just slightly different packs of crazy liars. Of course I assume the greens are liars, too.

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    Paul Jarc

    Of course I assume the greens are liars, too.

    Well, they haven’t had enough power to get too corrupt yet. Vote them in, let them do one good thing, then replace them with the next third party.

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