Living on light is not a good idea

One of the reasons for my view that religion is a bad thing that I would like to see disappear is because it encourages people to believe in magical thinking and thus makes them easy prey to all manner of charlatans who take advantage of their gullibility.

Here is one such example, an awful story of a woman named Navenna Shine who has decided to live purely on sunlight, air, and water and nothing else. She has eight cameras pointed at her at all times to prove that she is not sneaking in any form of nourishment.

According to Shine’s YouTube page, she is already over 30 days into the experiment, and has lost more than 20 pounds since starting. She is still drinking water and occasionally some tea, but says this is just to “flush out the toxins of a lifetime.”

“I have the feeling that my body has reached a point where it has used up all its stored fats and is now looking around for what next to consume,” she writes on Facebook. “I suspect this might be the point where it decides either to find and hook into the source where it is able to live on Light, or consume the body for sustenance. I am doing all I can thorough consciousness to open up the space for ‘Living on Light.’ We shall see.”

Wherever did she get this crazy idea? It turns out that she is a follower of someone named Jasmuheen (born Ellen Greve of Australia) who is part of the cult of Breatherism that promotes something called ‘pranic living’ and Living on Light‘. Her website is a ghastly mish-mash of Deepak Chopraesque pseudo-science wrapped up in vague Hindu philosophizing and terminology.

Over the past 45 years we have been able to observe the human evolutionary process and use quantum field intelligence, plus our interdimensional Light Being connections, to bring through more refined systems of operation that serve the greater good.

If Shine carries through her plan, she is going to die, so she is now essentially livestreaming her own death. Others who have tried it have also died. Shine says that she will stop the process if her health deteriorates but since she is not under a doctor’s supervision, that may be too late to prevent serious damage to her body that leads to death from heart attack or organ failure.

It is this kind of magical thinking that is at the heart of almost all religions and why they are so pernicious.