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  1. frank says


    Sorry, but I have to disagree on this one. As much as I dislike the Roman Catholic Church, this is not representative.

    Until I was nineteen, I wanted to be a priest. Before that time, I both volunteered and worked (as a paid employee) at my local church. Between early grades in school and that age (about when I became and atheist), I got to know several Catholic priests fairly well. They were (mostly) nice men who were (all) committed to living in the way they thought was right. There was never any hint of sexual misconduct.

    There have been undeniable instances of clergy abuse, but it is unfair to paint all RCC clergy as abusers. Most are doing their best (as they see it). Of course they are wrong in their view that the world is ruled by a supernatural being, but that doesn’t make them bad people.

    For once, Louis CK isn’t funny.

  2. Brian M says

    frank is somewhat right. All human institutions all provide multiple examples of abuse. The Amish. Hasidic communities. Politicians.

    However…one difference is the sheer scale of the institutionalized cover up and abetting of the activity.

  3. frank says


    I agree that the RCC as an institution abetted abuse for many years, then covered it up, and is now trying to get out of any responsibility. I won’t for a minute try to defend the church as an institution, or the US Council of Catholic Bishops. I only mean to point out that, in my experience, the “on the ground” troops of the RCC have been sincere people who want to make the world a better place, however misguided they may be. This clip does them a disservice.

  4. Deepak Shetty says

    There have been undeniable instances of clergy abuse, but it is unfair to paint all RCC clergy as abusers.
    I have nothing but nice things to say of the priests who taught me. BUT given the scandal and the coverups , I have a serious problem why few to none of the RCC priests have stood up condemned the Vatican? They mouth the same old platitudes bad things happened, but (insert excuse here). I lost a lot of respect for them at that time. So while the priests may on the majority be sincere , nice people , their silence is a big big issue.

  5. says

    Obviously this not representative of the majority of Catholic priests. But maybe if some of that majority stood up and condemned the priests that are doing it, I would give a fuck about their butthurt.

  6. John Kruger says

    Pretty sure this is a parody, and not supposed to be representative. The RCC does not really have a situation room, do they? If anything, this shows how outrageous the whole idea of having an entire organization committed to child rape would actually be.

    Aside from the hypocrisy of priests posing as moral teachers by virtue of their position in the RCC, the real crime has always been the institutional response. Notice how the scandal of Penn State ended at the level in college football that finally took decisive action? If the RCC came down on the individuals perpetrating the abuse, instead of covering things up and enabling them, it would have been a similar story.

  7. says

    Sorry, but I have to disagree on this one. As much as I dislike the Roman Catholic Church, this is not representative.

    Um, it’s not supposed to be representative. It’s a skit, a satirical comedy piece, that’s all.

    Yes, the Catholic Church is the target (for good reason), and it’s meant to be offensive, but ask Louis C.K. himself whether it’s “representative” of the entire Catholic Church and of course he would say no. He’s not that dumb.

  8. baal says

    It’s obviously over the top humor. I think it does a decent (if profane) job of making the serious point that the RCC cover up is a big deal but it also shows what the RCC would look like were they really as a bad as some of the blanket condemnations made against the RCC.

    The main priest I knew as a child was obnoxious for his endless promotion of kielbasa (polish sausage) but was otherwise a really decent guy.

  9. frank says

    Good point, and one I had not thought of. I was already leaving the church by the time the scandal was heating up in the US, but I don’t remember a single priest mentioning it, let alone condemning it. Catholics that I know seem to have little use for the bishops, but I haven’t heard any rank-and-file priests condemning their bishop for the coverup.

    Looking at the recent church closings (and re-openings) in Cleveland, it’s obviously not unheard of for priests to disagree publicly with their bishop. That they haven’t spoken out en-masse against the sex abuse scandal is, as you say, a “big big issue.”

  10. steve84 says

    Not every priest may be guilty, but every bishop and cardinal is. You can’t get promoted to those ranks without having covered up abuse at some point in your career.

  11. (Not Pope) Francis says

    This is a VERY rough and biting video, but clearly there must be something personal here for Louis CK. And I don’t believe he himself was violated – clearly he’s joking in the video – but as uncomfortable as this clip is to watch, it pales beside one act of abuse. I went to Catholic schools for 16 years including 4 at a Jesuit all boy prep school, and I remember well how wonderful some of the priests were as teachers or as guys to go talk to about your problems, etc.: I still have fond memories today. There were some jerks too – just like in any business.

    But I can never get my mind around the priests that knew – which had to be most of them – and did nothing. Or worse, moved them to new areas to molest anew. If I was a priest, and I heard of another priest violating a child, I’d hope the cops would get to him before I would. Sadly, unless and until they eradicate every priest that was involved in any way and did nothing it will always be a sorely deserved black eye to the Church

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