Nov 05 2012

Ohio – political advertising hell

It is at times like this that I am so glad that I don’t watch TV.

Part 1:

Part 2:

(These clips appeared on November 1, 2012. To get suggestions on how to view clips of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report outside the US, please see this earlier post.)


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  1. 1

    As an Ohioan, I’m about ready to throw my cell phone through the window. I’m getting a ridiculous amount of political robo-calls.

  2. 2

    Jon and Company are too funny, though. Very close to true. Our street lost power for 4 days … it was actually kind of nice not getting robo-calls all the time. :-D

    And that AT&T jab – priceless.

  3. 3
    Marcus Ranum

    I like to think how all this money is being injected back into circulation, and how the wealthy companies and plutocrats are creating jobs for robocallers, marketing wankers, billboard pasters, sign putter-uppers, goofy pundits, etc, etc. It’s a great thing. Especially since I can ignore it and be satisfied that all that money is completely wasted on me.

    Instead of spending bazillions on TV ads, they could have just offered me a snickers bar. I’d give them 10 seconds of my time for that (but it wouldn’t change how I’m going to vote, anyway) Wankers. It’s just a great big wankfest. Not that I have a problem with wanking, it feels good and it’s aerobic exercise and probably has cardiac benefits.

  4. 4

    For the money that is dumped into the swing states in ads, they could probably buy everyone there a gold-plated toilet seat.

  5. 5
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    Didn’t watch the embedded clips, but yeah, pol ads have been off the hook here (never mind the damned phone calls). And of course I mean the Republican ads. There are far more, and they are far more full of lies, and terribly alarmist.

    Disclaimer: Anything I personally say about Romney and Republicans is pretty damned alarmist. All the bad policy and the lies scare me a bit.

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