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  1. 'Tis Himself says

    The first one is basically a steel drum. I’d throw a couple of bucks into his jar. And I’d certainly put some money in the guitar player’s jar.

  2. maethor says


    I saw that guy two weeks ago in Venice, I think (might have been somewhere else because I did a 2-week tour around Western Europe). I stopped because of the unusual shape of the drum and listened for a bit, but he soon took a break. Seeing that picture on your page immediately registered. Small world.

  3. says

    In case anyone is interested: The first video is a Hang instrument, or Hang Drum (apparently they don’t like it being called a drum) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hang_(instrument)

    It’s a 21st century invention comprising years of metallurgical and acoustic research and now made primarily by one company in Switzerland. They cost about $6-8000 apiece and are individually handcrafted. Thank you for posting this video, I’m now very interested in how to make one!

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