Feb 15 2012

The Daily Show on the birth control controversy

Jon Stewart comes back from just one week’s break to find that America has been wrecked within that short time, with Rick Santorum becoming the frontrunner for the Republican nomination and a war on contraception already in progress.

Jon Stewart also lets fly with an excellent rant aimed at those who use the Hitler analogy every time they do not get their own way.


  1. 1

    If there is a comparison to Nazi Germany to be made here, it is not with the outrageous idea of the Obama goverment that women have rights too. After all, the Hitler regime started with taking away rights, not with granting them.

  2. 2

    Especially taking away women rights. According to nazi’s and fascists women were mainly incubators – the more boys, the bigger the armies. Do I see a similarity with old fashioned Catholic doctrine?

  3. 3
    You Don't Know Jack

    “You’ve confused a war on religion with not always getting everything you want”

    Best. Line. Ever!

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