More evidence that young men are stupid

I have written before that men under the age of around 25 tend to do really stupid things.

Further evidence in support of this comes from a recent story in a Cleveland suburb where three students sent in phony email bomb threats to their high school seventeen times in November of last year, resulting in the school being shut down for three days, buildings repeatedly searched, and strict security being enforced on everyone entering the building.

As anyone with the remotest sense could have predicted, the FBI was called in and the suspects were quickly identified. How could anyone have possibly thought that in these terror-obsessed days a bomb threat would not result in a massive police investigation resulting in almost certain capture? The answer: Because young men are stupid. As the assistant county prosecutor said “They wanted to see if they could do it…if they could get away with it.”

An ugly feature of the emails is that they purportedly mentioned Jews and blacks and the KKK. Whether this was out of bigotry or further stupidity in attempt to add verisimilitude to their threats is unclear.

The three students now face at least 17 felony counts of inducing panic and will likely be tried as juveniles but if they are tried as adults could face fairly long prison terms.