Jul 28 2013

Sunday Funnies







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    Copyright on the last one is 1994 and so many still don’t ‘get it’… there have always been atheists in foxholes.

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    The “Atheist fox” one is superb.

    I read a comment on the Rock Beyond Belief blog when that was still active here, where a serviceman expressed a similar thought along the lines of “If we get under fire and you start praying instead of doing your job I’ll slap you!”

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    Chris Rodda

    Just so everybody here who also used to read the Rock Beyond Belief blog knows, the blog is still going. It just moved to Patheos. The main reason for the move was that FTB is blocked on many military bases, but Patheos isn’t. Since a big segment of Rock Beyond Belief’s readers are obviously active duty military, it was of course important that they can access the blog.

    The new URL for Rock Beyond Belief is:

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    Gregory in Seattle

    The Batman one make me wonder: What kind of graffiti would Aquaman spray paint onto walls? (Ignore the video, its the only one I could find. Just listen to the great song.)

  5. 5
    Kaintukee Bob

    Gregory, Aquaman would spraypaint things like “Sushi is murder”.

    There’s also a far superior Aquaman song.

  6. 6

    As one of our dear bloggers said, “There are no preachers in foxholes either.”

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