Jun 18 2013

“Christian Fighter Pilot” Blog Back Up — Purse-Selling Mass Marketers Blamed for Interruption

Well, we don’t have to wait until July 15 to find out why Maj. Jonathan C. Dowty’s “Christian Fighter Pilot” blog was “discontinued.” It’s back up — and with a hilariously unbelievable reason for why it was down:

“In late May the code behind God and Country was “compromised.” While it would be entertaining to try to pin blame on those who disagree with the message of military religious freedom, it was more likely the product of nefarious mass marketers wanting to sell knock-off purses. The site was taken offline while the compromised code was removed. Fortunately, a delay to the planned 15 July re-launch date was unnecessary.”

Does Maj. Dowty seriously think anyone is going to believe that his site was taken offline while compromised code was removed? That would only be plausible if his entire site was taken offline. But it wasn’t. Only the blog on his site was taken offline, and even that was done in selective stages.

On June 7, I wrote that all the posts on Maj. Dowty’s blog that were about “homosexuals” had been removed. His blog was still up, along with everything else at his christianfighterpilot.com domain, which includes many other pages besides his blog. His site was not taken offline. And nothing else was removed from his blog at that time except his countless gay-bashing rants. All the rest of his posts were still there.

In addition to the targeted removal of only posts about “homosexuals,” Todd Starnes, Maj. Dowty’s friend at FOX News, had written an article titled “Congressman: Troops Being Punished For Expressing Religious Faith,” in which he included the following in a list of examples of Christian persecution:

“A service member received a ‘severe and possibly career-ending reprimand’ for expressing his faith’s religious position about homosexuality in a personal religious blog.”

As I wrote in my previous post, Starnes did not mention Maj. Dowty or his “Christian Fighter Pilot” blog by name, but what other blogger who Starnes would even know about had just removed all of his posts about “homosexuals” from his blog?

It wasn’t until a few days later that Maj. Dowty took the rest of his blog offline. As I wrote on June 10, if you went to his christianfighterpilot.com website at that time and clicked on any of the links on his homepage that led to posts on his blog, you got a page titled ”Christian Fighter Pilot Forum Discontinued” with a message that said:

“The God and Country blog has been temporarily disabled. Please return on 15 July for an update.”

Even at this time, the rest of Maj. Dowty’s site was not offline. Everything else was still there. Only his blog was disabled.

As of this morning, the major’s blog is back up — but all of his posts about the “homosexuals” are still gone. This can lead me to only one conclusion. While Maj. Dowty does not want to blame the “compromised code” that he claims to be the reason for temporarily disabling his blog on some nefarious tampering by those who disagree with his message of Christian love, he does allow for the possibility of this alleged “compromised code” coming from people selling purses. And who would be selling purses? Why, those purse-toting “homosexuals,” of course!



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  1. 1

    This so-called Christian is lying through his teeth. So nice of him to stake out an eventual space next to the rest of us in hell.

  2. 2

    The code the good Major has “compromised” is the Code of Military Conduct.

  3. 3

    All homosexuals wear purses because all homosexuals are cross-dressers. Obviously, this was an attack by the homosexual purse lobby against this fine example of our military.

  4. 4

    Dowdy = Typical fundamentalist militant theocrat.

    When he retires, he’ll be a lot worse. At least he won’t be using the uniform to push his propaganda, but I guarantee he’ll use his past military service and veteran status as accolades to boost his theocrat street cred.

  5. 5

    But those purses were just fabulous!!

  6. 6


    Well, if he’s going to be there, I don’t want to go.

  7. 7
    neo theskepticarena


    I featured this nut on my show about a year and a half ago.
    If you want to listen to the podcast (~24 min)
    you can find it at theskepticarena.com/archives.asp (show #174).

    Knowing that the safety of our nation is in the hands of people like him,
    fills me with … a desire to immigrate.


  8. 8
    neo theskepticarena


    Sorry to be a nuisance
    but I found something you may not know about yet.

    If you go to World Net Daily at: http://www.wnd.com/

    on the right hand side is an ad for David Barton’s book.
    Before I quote the ad … please make sure you are sitting down.

    “Get the blockbuster new book so politically incorrect, the publisher pulled it from the shelves!”

    After I read that, it took me 5 minutes to find my eyeballs and pop them back into place.
    I provided the link above, to prove that … you just can’t make this stuff up.


  9. 9
    Chris Rodda

    You’re not being a nuisance at all, neo theskepticarena! I want people to post these things that they come across, and I don’t care whether they’re related to the current post or not. It’s all part of the same big fight!

    And “Get the blockbuster YEAR OLD book so FACTUALLY incorrect, the publisher pulled it from the shelves!” would be much more accurate!

  10. 10

    “You’re not being a nuisance at all, neo theskepticarena!”

    You are so so wrong.

    neo theskepticarena is a full out nutcase and sociopath IMHO.

    The man operates various sock accounts on youtube stalking various users. He will actually have conversations with himself playing devil’s advocate type scenarios. He’s also sent very strange emails to various people.

    Steer clear of this person at all costs.

  11. 11
    neo theskepticarena

    I see that the butt-hurt little crybaby “Ludic”
    is still carrying his ass around in a jar after I tore it off on YouTube months ago.
    This poor kid must dream of me at night.

    Dude, some advice:
    get over it. You got humiliated in front of everyone.
    Learn to let it go – or you’ll drive yourself into a colonoscopy before you turn 20.

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