Feb 26 2013

Colbert Uses “Bendigo Barton” Story

“Bendigo Barton” clip at about 4:00 into the video:



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    Ah, I love the taste of national exposure of Barton’s lies in the morning.

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    What is so awesome is that, Colbert also takes a swipe at religion when mentioning this.
    Double pat on the back Chris !

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    Julien Rousseau

    When he mentioned Barton and guns I thought about your article so I had a big smile as he ran his segment.

    When said “there’s nothing wrong with taking a story from a book and saying it’s real” with the accompanying text my smile exploded into laughter.

    You just have to wonder how Stephen can be so astute about the absurdities not just of religion in general but of his own religion on particular (like he was when describing the beliefs of scientology then lampooning his own belief in catholic confession) and yet still be religious himself. Generally people only see the ridiculousness of other people’s beliefs, not their own.

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    Great American Satan

    It’s pretty cool of him. Y’know, I get the impression that Brad Neely (maker of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhEUWobdXqY ) is actually a christian. I’ve met a few people like this – fully willing to mock the crap out of their own beliefs, but not willing to let that faith go at the end of the day. I’ll take them as allies when they’re willing.

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    Great American Satan

    I haven’t watched Colbert in years. That was hella funny. :-)

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    My impression of Colbert is that while he fully acknowledges the technical absurdities of his religion, but he thinks that the social goodness (or the potential of social goodness) is a good enough reason to believe and participate.

    I spent a decade myself in this position. I didn’t completely jump off of my religion (and all religions) until the Cardinal Law episode exposed me to the lack of an actual / real morality at the top of my religion. Some good done here and there does not outweigh the horrors propagated by the leaders at the top…in fact, it is quite the opposite. A person that does good things for my community but tortures his family is simply not a good person. Period.

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    Goodbye Enemy Janine

    What is so awesome is that, Colbert also takes a swipe at religion when mentioning this.

    While Stephen Colbert is very adept at mocking religions (I miss This Week In God on The Daily Show.), he is a practicing Catholic.

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