Jan 20 2013

Sunday Funnies










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    Reverend PJ

    The third comic pretty much captures how I feel on dressing for the job you want. I enjoy the work I do now, but seriously would love to never wear “business” clothes again. There always seems to be this idea that the only proper goal in a job is to advance to management. Even worse, if you do choose to advance to management, you’ve got to have a particular wardrobe and attitude that has been blessed by the old boys club.

    Last year I was at a conference where someone felt the need to inform my boss they wouldn’t hire me because I’m unkempt. While obviously they can make a hiring judgement based on appearances, that’s rather short sighted. It turns out that my shoulder length hair outweighs my PhD in computer science in terms of my qualifications to work in big-data analytics. Fortunately my boss is reasonable and treated the interlude as a source of amusement.

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    Hi Rev,

    Yeah, I’ve been considering whether to look for a new job, and one of the key points is ‘would I have to but my beard to get one’. I was just thinking this morning that if my facial hair outweighs (figuratively) my qualifications, ability and experience, I’m probably asking the wrong people. Maybe I should get a job solving problems like Maria?

    Also, not going to wear a tie every day (some days I like to, for a change).

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