Dec 30 2012

Barton’s “Jefferson Lies” Once Again Listed as a Thomas Nelson Book on Amazon –Thomas Nelson Probably Won’t Like That

As I wrote previously, in mid-November I noticed that David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies was once again being sold by Amazon, despite having been pulled by its publisher, Thomas Nelson, back in August because of its inaccuracies. When the book reappeared on Amazon, however, the publisher for it was listed as Barton’s own WallBuilder Press, not Thomas Nelson. So, I ordered a copy to see if it was the new edition that Barton had been promising his followers, in which there was to be 20,000 additional words of material that Barton claimed had been edited out by Thomas Nelson — material that Barton claimed would prove that his disputed claims were supported by documentation that had been edited out of the book.

When I received the copy of Barton’s book I ordered in November, I found out that it was not a new edition published by Barton’s WallBuilder Press; it was exactly the same Thomas Nelson edition I got back at the end on March when I pre-ordered it from Amazon before it was released. Clearly, what Barton was doing was trying to sell off the 17,000 copies of his book that he had to buy back from Thomas Nelson by fraudulently claiming on Amazon that the book was published by his own WallBuilder Press.

So, I sent the following image/explanation to Amazon via their thing where customers can submit suggested corrections for a product’s information:



On December 26, I received the following email from Amazon, saying they were making the correction:



So, now Barton’s book, which was pulled by Thomas Nelson, is being sold on Amazon with Thomas Nelson listed as the publisher. I have a feeling that Thomas Nelson isn’t going to be too happy about that.

To ensure that Thomas Nelson hears about Barton’s little scheme, and sees that the book is once again being sold under their name, I enlisted the mad internet skills of my friend Deborah Beeksma, a frequent conspirator in my diabolical plots. Deborah’s God Discussion website is a Google News site — meaning that her story about this — “Who is the publisher of David Barton’s ‘The Jefferson Lies?’ Amazon listing raises questions” — is now on Google News, where, thanks to people sharing it (particularly via Twitter), it’s been moving up in in the rankings since the wee hours of this morning and is sure to be noticed by lots of people, including the good folks at Thomas Nelson, of course.


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  1. 1
    Pierce R. Butler

    Doesn’t Thomas Nelson (Inc.) have a listed phone number somewhere?

    And why did DB “have” to buy the unsold copies of his prevarication? Do publishers’ contracts now have such (“In event this purported history turns out to be dishonest crap, author shall …”) clauses?

  2. 2

    Well the publisher could have pulped them and written it off as a loss but probably offered them to DB so as to limit the loss (an academic publisher probably would have pulped anyway given it was pulled for major errors).

    My guess is they could be listed on Amazon and the publisher has to be Thomas Nelson, but, they should be listed as ‘used’ not ‘new’ to indicate these are second hand sales.

  3. 3

    An image of Barton comes to mind: ” And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

    h/t Scooby Doo

  4. 4

    I think Mr. Barton is not going to like you very much Ms.Rodda.
    Oh Darn!
    (thanks for hoisting him on his on petard)

  5. 5

    Chris just bringing this over from Warren Throckmorton’s site so if we get a thread happening, it won’t wrap his site up there. RE; the latest on the Barton/ThosNelson poop; you responded to my own comment(@George) regarding the third party selling new books thoughts. In my comments there, I I think I acknowledged the third party idea, but my real question is really wondering about what is really going on with all this switching back and forth. I can’t imagine amazon being terribly concerned about the motives of either of the directly involved parties (DB and T/N), other than how much money they (all 3 of them) can make out of the deal. Is there anyone knowledgeable in the publishing field out there that may shed some light on the schenanigans that may be taking place behind the scenes? I do find this aspect Bartoniana quite humorous however.

    Do want to mention here tho, that I have been a longtime follower/supporter of your efforts regarding Barton and more recently with the MRFF.

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